Yoga to Combat Stress and Anxiety

The modern world has changed our lifestyle to such an extent that we now more often hear the words, “Take a deep breath and calm down.” The pursuit of living an urban life, surrounding ourselves with technology, and striving for excellence to gain a competitive edge are the things that have chained us to the perils of anxiety and stress.

Stress that is deteriorating our mental and physical health and bringing down our efficiency level. It is now such an inevitable part of our modern lives that we need to take conscious steps to ward off stress and anxiety.

From something as fundamental as a conscious control over your breathing to the asanas that help align your body, mind and soul, Yoga could be the key to liberating yourselves from everyday stress.

Regular practice of office yoga trains your counter-stress response system leading to a drop in stress hormone levels and an increase in heart rate variability.

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These signs are associated with improved psychological well-being and quality of life.

1. Yoga Asanas

While #yoga asanas, when practiced regularly help a great deal in reducing stress, here are a couple of asanas in particular that you can practice on a daily basis:

● Sukhasana(Easy Pose)

It is a simple cross-legged pose that relaxes yet maintains an alert state. Repeated practice of this asana can help strengthen your back and torso

● Uttanasana(Standing Forward Bend)

A soothing posture for mind and body, Uttanasana makes you surrender to gravity, enhancing back flexibility. It stretches the back of your legs, hips, and spine thus strengthening them.

● Vajrasana(Thunderbolt Pose)

An effective kneeling pose that relaxes your feet, ankle, and calf muscles. It is also a good pose for meditation.

Balasana(Child’s pose)

A classic resting poses in between asanas, Balasana is great for your lower back and your nervous system. It calms your mind and releases stress.

● Paschimottanasana(Seated forward bend)

This pose also works as a great stretch for your hamstrings, spine, and lower back, this asana surely helps in relieving stress and fatigue.

2. Breathing exercises or Pranayama

Practicing conscious control over breathing comes with a lot of health benefits. Breathing exercises include breath awareness and the various types of Pranayama that send you to brain a signal that everything is ok.

It encourages full oxygen exchange, slows the heartbeat, and lowers the blood pressure. All of this strengthens our body and mind to combat stress in a more controlled manner.

3. Meditation & Mindfulness

You may have heard or read quite a bit that Meditation is a way to calm your mind. Meditation is nothing just the act of being in the present by eliminating all unnecessary thoughts.

It helps your mind draw energy from the positive parts of your mind, so you can continue the rest of your day with confidence, peace, and be more efficient.

So be it yoga poses/asanas or breathing exercises or meditation, each component is rooted in the philosophy of self-compassion and awareness. The practice of yoga is not just restricted to a mat, it can be practiced at the very moment you feel stressed out and find yourself in a panic situation.

Research has shown that taking deep breaths or practicing a few stretching exercises at your work table can work instantly to calm your mind and decrease anxiety levels.

Yoga is not just a pill but an experience, an inward journey that trains the mind and body to develop control over any stressful situation. It evokes positivity and hones mindfulness. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Yoga has become as essential as the air we breathe in today’s day and age.

Combat Stress and Anxiety