Ranbir and Deepika kissing scene deleted from ‘Tamasha’

The upcoming film ‘Tamasha’ directed by Imtiaz Ali is creating quite a buzz in Bollywood and there are many reasons for it, though and the return of Ranbir and Deepika as on screen lover, Imtiaz Ali’s direction, A.R Rahman music and the picturesque location of Corsica around which the film is based.

Ranbir and Deepika giving relationship goals to an entire nation with their sizzling chemistry, their steamy scene in ‘Tamasha’ became the talk of the town soon but now fans of the ex-couple will not be able to see their hot make out scenes as the censor board has chopped it off.

Shocked? Well, it’s true and the reason is because it was too hot to handle and according to what a source revealed to a leading daily, “The censor board found the kiss too hot to handle.
Apparently, it is the most lengthy and sensuous kiss ever on screen, even longer and more passionate than the one between Aamir Khan and Karisma in Raja Hindustani.”

Along with this, movie has seen three verbal cuts which included the use of the word ‘pole’ and the phrase ‘apna haath jagannath’ which is often a term for self-pleasuring and the source also revealed that the board loved the movie.

He said, “The board members loved the film and the chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone crackles… sometimes too much, especially in the kissing.”

Well, now that the much talked about steamy scene is out of the movie, we wonder if this is a bad news for the makers and the on-screen couples.