How to Prepare for Examination? Use These Exams Tips

Exams are a uniform way to assess your performance as students and it has so much riding on the outcome and it may give you stress or jitters but if you make books your best friend, exams would not have any power on you and with persistent hand work and determination there’s nothing that can stop you from passing your exams with flying colors.

Here are 7 simple Exams Tips use in Examination time.

1. Get Started

The secret of getting ahead is getting started and do not wait until the exam time approaches and try to study on regular basis and revise everything you study in school, collage or institute’ s class on a daily basis.

It will help you overcome the fear of exams and you will be more prepared for confident for giving your exams and the earlier you start, the more time you will get to prepare and give your exams without any stress.

2. Pay Attention in Class

No matter how old and repetitive this may sound, paying attention in class does affect your studies and you may bunk classes or be physically present and mentally absent from your class and leave studies for last days before exam but you cannot really do away with one year’s work in one day or a week.

Yes, you might cram things up and spill it out on your answer sheets but there will be a difference between the ways a student who has worked persistently for whole year writes his answer.

3. Manage your Time

When you even think of following a time-table on daily basis for whole day, you might freak out but if it is only you who will keep a check on how you are following your routine, it may not seem as bad idea. Make a detailed schedule of how much time you have to study, sleep or do something productive other than studies and make a timetable, follow it, and reward yourself for doing so.

4. Make Notes for Exam

It is easier to learn things of you yourself have wrote it and try to cut short lengthy points and highlight the heading while making notes and it will help you to memories things faster and try to make notes in your own words and easy language.

5. Take Logical Studies

How many of you just cram things for the sake of scoring good marks? And if you are one of them, it is high time to give up on this habit and cramming things up may let you score good marks but it will land you is trouble later and you need to have your concepts clear once you step out of the four walls of your school and if you learn something with logic your brain will retain it in long term memory rather than short term memory.

6. Take Proper Foods and Diet

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body and if you are not fit then you will not be able to concentrate on your studies properly and taking balanced diet not only improves your health but also your memory and we all know how important eating good breakfast on the day of your exam is. And now science has proved that even the diet taken by child many days prior to exam also affects the memory.

7. Take Helps and Do Revise

This is the most important step while preparing for exams and it does not matter if you have been preparing for exams since last month or last week so revision before exam is must. And if you are not able to understand any particular subject or topic and there are very few days left for exam then don’t feel shy to ask for help.