How to Change Wi-Fi Password for JioFi Device

JioFi device is a hotspot device offered by Reliance Jio for high-speed wireless internet connection. Users can connect multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, TVs and more with it. It can also be used to share the same internet connection between multiple users. However, sharing the connection with too many users can also affect internet speed.

So, it is important to protect your JioFi device from unauthorized access by password protecting it. Also, it will help you to protect your device from hackers and cybercriminals.

Changing your Wi-Fi password regularly is very important here. Now, if you are wondering how to change or update the password of your JioFi device, simply follow the steps below:


  • A device connected with the JioFi device, either wirelessly or using a USB cable.
  • Login ID and password for the configuration portal (default username and password is ‘administrator’).

Steps to Change Wi-Fi Password for JioFi Device:

1. Connect your laptop or smartphone with JioFi.

2. Open Google Chrome or any other browser and type the URL: http://jiofi.local.html and press enter.

3. Press the Login button from the top-right corner of the portal page.

4. Enter User ID and password and hit the login button.

5. Go to the settings tab and select Wi-Fi settings.

6. Here you will find the options to change the Wi-Fi password and JioFi name (SSID). So enter the desired password and the SSID (if you want to change).

7. Click Save to apply the changes.

Note: After successfully saving the new password and SSID, all the connected devices will automatically get disconnected and you will have to connect them again using the new credentials.

Now, there are a few things one should always keep in their mind while changing any Wi-Fi password:

1. A combination of words and numbers makes the password complex and hard to guess.

2. Avoid using easy-to-guess passwords like your pet’s name, birth date, house number, bike/cars number, your phone number, etc.

3. Using special characters helps makes the password relatively more secure.


Change Wi-Fi Password for JioFi Device