How to use Google Assistant on your iPhone and Android Smartphone

Google unveiled its virtual assistant back in 2016. Called Google Assistant, it rivals similar services from Apple, Microsoft and Amazon; called Siri, Cortana, and Alexa respectively. Over the years, the search gaint has made Google Assistant more personalized, making it an able personal assistant for most users. The Google assistant is not only available on Android and iOS devices but also on IoT devices like smartTVs, refrigerators, smart-speakers etc.

Other than search, Google Assistant now also helps users in tasks such as turning the lights on/off, switching on/off Wi-Fi and more just by voice commands.

So if you are wondering how to get going with Google Assistant on your smartphone, here’s a complete ready-to-use guide for you:

How to download and install Google Assistant

Most of the Android smartphones today come with Google Assistant pre-installed and if it’s not there, you can simply download it from Google Play Store. Apple iPhone/iPad users need to download it from the App Store.

How to setup Google Assistant

Setting up Google Assistant is an easy affair, simply follow the steps below based on the device you are using:

For Android Users:

1. Press and hold the Home button to activate Google Assistant.

2. Tap on Agree to accept the terms and conditions.

3. Now activate the voice command, tap on Continue and turn on the Ok Google toggle on the next screen.

4. Once done, Google Assistant is all ready to answer your queries and do lots more.

For iPhone/iPad users:

1. Open Google Assistant app.

2. Follow instructions in the app

3. Turn on the Ok Google detection option.

4. The app will ask you to say ‘Ok Google’ and ‘Hey Google’ commands four times.

5. Once you are done with the above steps, you can now use ‘OK Google’ command to activate Google Assistant.

How to Setup Voice Matching:

Turning on the voice matching feature will let you avoid the accidentally activating the app. With this feature, Google can recognize your voice and trigger the app. To setup, the voice matching feature follows the steps below:

1. Head to the Google app and tap on the three horizontal bars from the bottom right corner of the app.

2. Tap on Settings and from the Google Assistant section tap on the Settings option again.

3. Tap on the Phone option and turn on the Ok Google detection.

5. After this, the app will ask you to use ‘Ok Google’ and ‘Hey Google’ command four times.

6. Tap on ‘Done’ to save your voice.

7. Also, turn on the Unlock with Voice Match option to allow Google Assistant to unlock your phone with your voice.

Google Assistant on iPhone and Android Smartphone