Top 5 Best Apps to Have a Look at This Week

Thanks to the help of our community, this week we have a list of applications that have just been released on the Google Play Store. We hope this little list will help you get better organized, surf the net, or take your mind off things in these complicated times where everything seems to be a concern.

#1. Mi Browser

The choice of a web browser on our smartphones is rarely a question we ask ourselves. As users, we tend to default to the browser we are used to using on our computer or at the office. It’s a matter of familiarity, especially if you only know how to use one search engine or have an account on a Gmail or Yahoo! email service.

However, there are applications such as Mi Browser which are very fast and complete. Mi Browser allows you to surf the web and offers interesting features such as downloading videos from social media, an instant translation service that is more complete than its competitors or a voice search mode. This last feature is particularly suited to a smartphone which is a product whose main function was to allow talking and listening (we tend to forget that, it seems to me).

You can download this app on the Google Play Store: Mi Browser.

#2. Dragon Raja

More and more arcade games are being played on smartphones, and developers have to be more ingenious in order to place their products on a market that is saturated. Created using the Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja uses an impressive graphic arsenal to deliver a unique game. This adventure uses a collision physics simulation system and optical motion capture technology that will amaze you.

Immerse yourself in a gigantic universe composed of very diverse landscapes (Siberia, Tokyo, etc.) that accompanies an interactive game offering a realism of combat quite bluffing for a game for smartphones. Dragon Raja offers dozens of game modes as well as a career system that immerses you in the battle between the Dragon Lord and Hybrids (humans with superpowers). Take control of your destiny and fight in a system of fierce real-time battles.

You can download this game on the Google Play Store: Dragon Raja. and on Apple App Store: Dragon Raja.

#3. Isoland 3: Dust of the Universe

You’re alone on an island and you have to find clues to get out of it. The scenario is known. It has been used in films, series, TV shows, and advertising slogans. The concept is taken up by Isoland 3, which appeals to your curiosity and cunning.

Developed by the firm CottonGame, which has created its own graphic trademark and its own ‘Indie’ universe, this game invites you to search for clues and to act in order to solve a puzzle. Isoland takes up here the disenchanted universe of the brand’s games such as Caca adventure. For Cotton Game, this type of offbeat universe is a real necessity to counter the mainstream games.

You can download this game on the Google Play Store: Isoland 3: Dust of the Universe.

#4. Dragon Whiz

When we were kids, we used to use a plastic slate with markers when we were learning mental arithmetic. Additions, subtractions, multiplications, etc. were made. The Dargon Whiz application is for parents who want to help their children practice mental arithmetic in a fun way.

Do the operations, answer the questions and use the different game modes to practice in a fun way. The different levels are divided as follows:

  • Easy mode: simple additions and subtractions
  • Normal mode: additions, subtractions, and multiplication tables
  • Advanced mode: all multi-digit operations

This application is suitable for children in the sense that they will win a baby dragon for every correct answer, answer calculation questions by catching eggs and finally play with the little dragons as the ultimate reward.

You can download this game on the Google Play Store: Dragon Whiz.

#5. Control Center – iOS

Ever wanted to make your Android smartphone feel more like an iPhone? Well, now you can. With the rather painfully named app, Control Center – iOS – Control Panel, you can have a control center on your Android smartphone that closely resembles that of iOS 13. With Control Center, you can quickly access multiple settings and apps.

This includes; Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Portrait Orientation Lock, Adjust brightness, Flashlight, Alarms and Timer, Calculator, Camera, Control audio, Record Screen, and Screenshot.
You can download this app on the Google Play Store: Control Center – iOS.

Do you have any other new apps to recommend? Share the new features you found by leaving a comment below.