How To Increase Your Productivity: 8 Proven Ways

There are many articles with various suggestions on how we can increase our productivity. Who doesn’t want it? We want to be productive at work and cope with our tasks quickly to have more time for things we do enjoy. However, if it was so easy, you would not be here reading all this: so it is time to reveal 8 secrets on how to increase your productivity at work that did work. Your challenge is to find out what habits lead to moving forward and which ones take most of your time and energy making you busy. Ready?

1. Time to Sleep or Time to Work?

Before you plan your day, you need to know what part of the day you are most productive in. We are all different and for someone, it is easier to do all work in the morning then to stay late at night. So are you an early riser or a night owl? Once you have an answer, you can organize your assignments like essay writing service accordingly to make sure you are the most alert, creative and productive to cope with the job.

2. Don’t be Inspired

That sounds silly but it is a good way to do what you have to do. You should understand that you do not need to feel like you must do it – otherwise, you will never be able to do it. Relax and concentrate on your work instead.

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3. No Multitasking

No one can do lots of things at the same time and get perfect results. You should know that multitasking is not equal to productivity: recent UK resources proved that it reduces the performance and can bring damage to your brains. This study also revealed that people who are actively involved in multitasking demonstrate as small IQ as those who suffer from sleep deprivation or even smoke marijuana. It drains your energy– is that really worth it?

4. Start Planning

Planning things in advance let you get rid of procrastination – even the mere act of thinking opens your creative energy. The best way to organize things is do it before the day starts. The more time you spend compiling the list of things, the more productive you will be when you start doing it. You will feel motivated and more confident in results. You can sleep with no worries about the future day – this relax is priceless!

5. Is Time Management Good?

It is a real fact that we spend more time hesitating whether to do something or not than actually doing it, so if the action requires from you a few minutes, do it instead of delaying this. It is also interesting that your task grows or shrinks depending on what time you set for its fulfillment: if you give yourself a week to do this job, it would take you a week. But if you give yourself two days for this, you can do it in two days – the same job!

6. Breaks are Necessary

According to the research, the most productive people work 52 minutes and then rest 17 minutes. It is obvious that no one can be fully productive all day long: trying to concentrate on your tasks without rest leads to burning out. The secret lies in working not longer but smarter:

  1. Choose a task to do and set a timer for 52 minutes.
  2. Work until the timer rings and take a break for 17 minutes.
  3. Keep working until you do the job.

7. Social Media Eat Your Time

You may disagree, but try to calculate how much time do you spend on social networks? Scientists state that over twelve billion hours are spent daily at work searching through social media. The average student spends approximately three hours day and only two hours takes studying. Maybe it is time to reduce this time a little bit and spend it for more useful things.

8. Unexpected Delays

A final tip is the following: we all have been in a situation where we are stuck somewhere and would prefer to do something useful not to waste time. This is a great moment for planning your next day, creating lists or replying to e-mails.

How To Increase Your Productivity With 8 Proven Ways