When Bollywood Divas Got It All Wrong: Don’t Make These Celebrity Style Mistakes

While there can be no rules in fashion, there are certain things that please the eyes while certain things don’t  (celebrity style mistakes).

It’s great that fashion has moved towards what’s easy, fun and relaxed, but you still need to get a few things right to look your best. 

You can end up looking weird due to wrong fit, unflattering cuts or hair styled without keeping in mind the feel and beauty of your outfit.

These celebrity style mistakes give us a few quick lessons in style.


#1. Anushka Sharma

Top knot has been trending but it doesn’t go with Anushka Sharma’s sari-blouse look. The hairstyle looks cute, but it would have worked better with a dress, gown or even pantsuits. We would have preferred something romantic and retro with her sari, like old Hollywood waves, soft curls or fingerwaves. 

Lesson learnt: Always road test a new hairstyle before you wear it to a special occasion. Team it with what you’re going to wear and see how it looks. 


#2. Vani Kapoor 

The easiest way to kill a great outfit is to find a poor fit. This is exactly what Vani Kapoor did to this brocade pantsuit. The fit and fall of the pants looks awkward, ruining a stunning outfit.

Lesson learnt: Check the fit, fall and length of your pants in the mirror. It doesn’t hurt to carry the shoes that you are going to wear with the pants into the fitting room. 


#3. Raveena Tandon 

A heavily embellished outfit look can end up looking jarring if you team it with equally elaborate jewellery. Raveena Tandon didn’t need the necklace with the outfit. Just a pair of striking earrings would have been enough.

Lesson learnt: Forget jewellery when your outfit already has enough bling. If you just can’t do without jewellery, limit it to a beautiful ring or striking earrings. 


#4. Sonam Kapoor 

Sonam Kapoor didn’t need to cinch the jacket at the waist with that oversized belt. Matching your belt with your bag is also an outdated idea.

Lesson learnt: Do not accessorize your outfit just for the sake of accessorizing. Also stay away from deliberate matching. 


#5. Vidya Balan 

The voluminous salwar doesn’t do a thing for Vidya Balan’s figure, the kurta looks crumpled and the cut makes her look stocky. Also, the chunky golden wedges are a bad pick, not meant to be worn anywhere by anyone, with any outfit.

Lesson learnt: Pick up flattering silhouettes that show off your curvy body, not the ones that make your frame seem larger. And don’t wear bulky, garish footwear. 


#6. Kangana Ranaut 

Kangana rarely gets it wrong when it comes to fashion, but we are unhappy with this pick. Wrapping paper? Curtains? We are clueless what are the inspirations. Bold stripes can be overwhelming when you wear them head-to-toe. In this case, we only get to see the stripes and not the one wearying it. Also, the way the dress folds on both the sides looks odd. It’s too broad and too long for the actor.

Lesson learnt: Do not get carried away by what you see on the ramp. Try the outfit, stand in front of the mirror, turn left, turn right, turn around before you make up your mind.   


#7. Katrina Kaif

Katrina’s satin slip dress looks crumpled and there is nothing great about the design. While the actor looks beautiful, this dress is something she should have restricted to the bedroom.

Lesson learnt: While it’s trendy to wear your nightwear to a party, make sure your pick is gorgeous or else it will look like what it was meant to be – sleepwear.


So please share your thoughts about these some celebrity style mistakes.