These 10 Numbers That Changed The Technology Industry In Year 2016

Here are the most 10 things that changed the world of the Technology Industry


#1. 1billion: WhatsApp users globally, of these 160 million are in India.

#2. $3 billion: The amount Amazon said it would invest in India out of a commitment of $5 billion.

#3. 900 million: Indians who will need to be brought online to make the Prime Minister’s plan to move to digital payments a success.

#4. 8-10%: What IT industry body Nasscom finally cut the industry growth estimate to after months of speculation that the previous 10-12% was unreachable.

#5. 32 lakh: Indian debit cards hacked in one of the largest disclosed security breaches in the country.

#6. $26 billion: The amount that Microsoft paid to buy LinkedIn, one of the largest deals in the year.

#7. Rs 39.8 crore: Paid by Amazon to buy Tata Group’s publishing arm Westland, which publishes books by writers such as Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, and Rashmi Bansal.

#8. 1 billion: Yahoo accounts were breached in what has been termed the largest data breach in history.

#9. $7 billion: Valuation of Uber China when it sold to Chinese rival Didi Chuxing.

#10. $5 billion: That’s roughly what it will cost Samsung to recall its Galaxy Note 7 line of phones that tended to burst into flames when charged.

The Technology Industry In Year 2016

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