5 Hollywood Actors Who Underwent Extreme Body Transformation For Movie Roles

Today we see the actors doing everything that they can do to look the best on screen. From making their bodies look muscular to reducing weight, the actors are pushing themselves beyond limits to do justice with their roles and Extreme Body Transformation.

Here is the list of 5 Hollywood Actors Who Underwent Extreme Body Transformation For Movie Roles : 

Chris Hemsworth In the Heart of the Sea – The entire internet went mad when Chris revealed his skinny body for his role in the movie, “In the heart of the sea” on Twitter two weeks back. Chris used to eat less than 500 calories to get this look.

Christian Bale – The Machinist: This actor is known as a method actor who keeps on working so hard to achieve perfection in his role on screen. For his role in “The Machinist” he lost about 63 pounds of weight under doctor’s care to achieve this creepy skinny look.

50 Cent in All Things Fall Apart – Rapper & actor 50 Cent is counted as one of the most multi-talented personalities. From singing raps to doing method acting, he has done it all. He lost around 50 pounds of weight to play the role of footballer suffering from cancer.

Matt Damon in Courage Under Fire – This actor is a very versatile actor lost huge amount of weight to interpret the role of a drug addict in Courage Under Fire. He later admitted that he faced many consequences after that weight lost & went on for medication for a year to make his adrenal gland normal.

Tom Hanks in Cast Away – The actor lost around 55 pounds of his body weight for the role in Cast Away. He even got nominated for an Oscar for portraying this role, but he thinks that this weight loss cost him Type-2 Diabetes.