No Question of a Relationship With Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Actress Deepika Padukone who has lately emerged as the undisputed queen of the box office, revealed something which may not go down well with her beau Ranveer Singh and while speaking to a leading magazine recently, she said that she would never live with her boyfriend.

Ranveer Singh has always been more vocal about his feelings and he has rarely shied from accepting his love for Deepika His ‘Mastani’ on the other hand, stays guarded and though she has referred to Ranveer as her boyfriend, she has also asked him to tone down the PDA.

To add to this, Deepika’s latest statement is bound to break Ranveer’s heart and during her candid conversation, she revealed how she is not a big fan of live-in relationships.

She said, “I may not personally endorse them but I’ve begun to accept and understand that it’s all okay. I’m nobody to judge the equations, however strange they may be.” And she further pursued, “At the same time I go back to my home and live in the traditional way in which I’ve been brought up and I will only move in with my husband and There’s no question of a live-in relationship.”

Deepika has made it clear with her words about her relationship goals and the boyfriend, Ranveer, we hope, will understand and impending question however is, to share the same roof with Deepika, will he ask her to marry him, any time soon? Let’s see.