Movie Review: Bang Bang

Review: Siddharth Anand’s Bang Bang makes more noise and little sense.

This desi adaptation of the 2010 Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz action thriller, Knight And Day, has charm in abundance, primarily because of its effervescent lead pair — Rajveer/Jai ( Hrithik Roshan) and Harleen (Katrina Kaif). But it lacks coherence. Disbelief is writ large on the face, right at the start.

Movie Story: After 150 years, an Indian robs the Kohinoor diamond. And thus begins the cat-and-mouse game as the international mob and the Indian Secret Service (ISS) officials hunt him down.

Picture this – India’s most wanted, Omar Zafar (Danny Denzongpa), who is to be extradited to India, escapes from a maximum-security prison in Britain because his aide Hamid Gul (Jaaved Jafferi) blows up the place like it is a cardboard edifice.

They also kill the honest ISS agent, Viren Nanda (Jimmy Sheirgill) in the process. Next, Zafar suggests that he can actually hold up the UK-India extradition treaty by getting an Indian to rob the Kohinoor. Really?


Aimed at providing more style than substance, the film makes you comfortably numb in the first 20 minutes itself. So you may perhaps just raise an eyebrow as you watch Katrina, a bank receptionist from Shimla (with a liberal grandmother who tells her to go chase love), on a global escapade — London, Prague, Greece… in the company of a “psychopathic schizophrenic” jewel thief, Hrithik, after meeting him on one blind date.

If you’re still looking to make sense, Hrithik has a back-story on why he attempted to steal the Kohinoor. Or why he chose guns over roses. Kaif, convinced of his good intentions, is happy to cling to him with gay abandon. Anand’s film has no grammar.


But it compensates with breathtaking locales and stylishly choreographed stunts. It also works as a show reel for the bronzed Roshan with his six-pack abs and the enviable midriff of Kaif wearing a red polka-dotted bikini top.

Their horseplay caters to an audience that is low on IQ and high on adrenalin! Full marks to the lead pair for not being overwhelmed by the commotion around them. Especially Hrithik, who knows the job at hand is silly, but never slips up.