Bigg Boss 8: Deepshika’s team wins the Hijack task

The Last night Bigg Boss 8 house saw some high level voltage drama when Gautam Gulati lost his cool and hurled abuses at the co-contestant Karishma Tanna during the Hijack task.

Now, the tables have turned and the members of Deepshika’s team who tried everything to win the task were at the receiving end and however, unlike the members of Deepshika’s team, RJ Pritam’s team members Puneet and Praneet are refused to get tough or torture the opposite team.

Owing to this, Deepshika’s team won the hijack task. #BiggBoss condemned the actions of RJ Pritam’s team as they did not torture the opposite team and gave up easily.

At the end of the day Deepshika’s team was announced the winners and were asked to shift into the the new Bigg Boss house the following day. With this win, the captain of the team-Deepshika, got immunity and she will now be safe for a week.

Though the Hijack task brought some good news for the winning team then there was also bad news for the losing team.

Gautam, who got into an argument and abused Karishma Tanna during the Hijack task had to bear the consequences as he was punished by #BiggBoss. He will now not be allowed to nominate anyone this week in the nomination round.

So well, with so many twists and turns it will be interesting to see what happens next.