Reasons You Should Never Follow Celebrity Diets!

We all want to look good, cut down inches and see a lower number on the weighing scale. And to achieve that, it is highly likely that you have ended up following a Celebrity Diets Tip or your favorite Instagrammer’s food diary – for example, starting your day with a green smoothie or munching on paranthas, because Kareena Kapoor Khan swears by it.

Here’s the truth – you won’t look like Kareena Kapoor Khan if you eat like her, and the simple reason behind it is that there is no one diet that fits all.


1. Varying Metabolic Rate

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest and it varies for different people. Metabolic rate is based on a person’s height, weight, gender, activity, muscle mass among other factors. And with this will vary the quantity of protein, carbs or fat you should eat.

2.  Unnecessary Restrictions

Chances are that your favorite celebrity is avoiding a food group (or item) because of their food sensitivity but skipping it just because they don’t eat it, is a stupid logic. For all you know, the cheese slice that you have been avoiding is actually good for you.

3. Won’t Last Long

Meal preps are not easy, especially when you don’t have dedicated nutritionists or a whole army working on it for you. Since you will be doing it pretty much all by yourself, your schedule (and budget) will sooner or later make you give it up.

4.  Changing Too Much Won’t Help

Please understand the influencer you follow on IG has been there, done that. Straightaway jumping on their diet won’t help you much. Especially if these diets encourage you to steer away from your natural food habits. Change only what’s easy to follow.

5. Totally Wrong For You

Everybody has different needs and requirements. And if there is a lingering health issue that needs your attention, randomly following a celebrity diet won’t do you any good. Consult a doctor before including too much protein in your diet or eating the unbalanced meal.

Never Follow Celebrity Diets

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