List of Top Best Life Insurance Plans in India 2015

In India, many of insurance companies and there’s insurance plans are present and so here we showing the Top best Life Insurance plans in India with some short description to select the Insurance Plan from Top best Insurance plans as stated below:

Top Best Life Insurance Plans in India (LIC):

LIC of India is the 1st position and it is the largest Insurance Company in India founded in 1956 and it is an Indian state owned insurance group Headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Best Life Insurance Plans
List of Top Best Life Insurance Plans in India

LIC offers to its customers such as insurance plans, pension plans, special plans and other schemes and you can choose below from following services which only LIC can offer:

List of Top Best Life Insurance Plans in India 2015

Endowment Plan:

  1. Single Premium Endowment Plan
  2. New Endowment Plan
  3. New Jeevan Anand
  4. Jeevan Rakshak
  5. Limited Premium Endowment Plan
  6. Jeevan Lakshya


Money Back Plan:

  1. New Money Back Plan – 20 Years
  2. New Money Back Plan – 25 Years
  3. Bima Bachat Plan
  4. New Children’s Money Back Plan
  5. Jeevan Tarun


Term Assurance Plan:

  1. Anmol Jeevan II
  2. Amulya Jeevan II
  3. e-Term
  4. New Term Assurance Rider


Pension Plans:

  1. Jeevan Akshay-VI
  2. New Jeevan Nidhi
  3. varishtha Pension Bema Yojana


Micro Insurance Plan and Withdrawn Plan:

  1. Jeevan Nischay
  2. Market Plus-I
  3. Wealth Plus
  4. Profit Plus
  5. Jeevan Aastha
  6. Money Plus-I
  7. Jeevan Varsha
  8. Child Fortune Plus
  9. Fortune Plus
  10. Jeevan Saathi


The Endowment Assurance Policy:

  1. Jeevan Anand
  2. Bima Bachat
  3. New Bima Gold
  4. Jeevan Mangal
  5. Amulya Jeevan-I
  6. LIC’s Jeevan Shagun etc.


Unit Plan and Special Plans:

Hope from the above, you can find lots of suitable plans to invest money for your secure feature and the company has approximately 1,20,000 agents & company’s assets are estimated at $250.50 billion.