Get the Best Solutions for Building up the Esports Tournament Website

Esports has become a mainstream of the iGaming industry. The trending esports platform development solutions are contributing to investors for influencing a large audience. Esports enhance popular gaming culture with a growth rate of 9% between 2019 and 2023. The market of esports at CAGR is expected to reach 2,174.8 million by 2023. According to Newzoo, It is expected that the esports audience will reach by 380 million this year.globally. The esports industry includes high profitability and returns on investments.

According to Newzoo, average revenue per fan is expected to grow by $6.6 in 2021. As the demand in esports increases, the viewership is also increasing globally. There are various games involved in esports under the top genres such as multiplayer online role-playing games, real-time strategy games, first-person shooter games, multiplayer online battle arena games, fighting games, and many more

What is Esports?

Esports involves video games that are players online with professional competitors. Esports are played in events and tournaments competitively. These games are streaming on online platforms like twitch and youtube. The most popular esports games are Call of Duty, Starcraft, League of legends, counter-strike, Dota 2, Fortnite, and many more.

Currently, esports is consumed by 85% of people around the world. In the coming years according to Newzoo, the esports industry will grow to $ 905.6 million with a growth of 38%. The number of viewers will also rise by 307 million at the end of 2021. A recent report shows that top esports companies paid more than $ 71 million of prizes. The esports industry is developing per region based on revenue and audience participation.

Reasons for Building an Esports Tournament Website

  • Esports involves lots of games including league of legends, counterstrike, Fortnite, Dota 2, CSGO, call of duty, and many more. These games influence a large audience and can be a source of revenue generation for the organizers.
  • The Development of an esports tournament website can create competitiveness in the mind of players.
  • The players need to pay a fixed amount to the organizers of the tournament website that will be a source of income for the owners. This can be a wonderful opportunity for the organizers to increase their revenue.
  • Recently, there are more than 20,000 active players in the esport industry, that shows a sufficient reason to build an esports tournament website.
  • People are looking for high competitions in the gaming industry and tournament websites can offer a huge variety of events and sports to the audience.

Features that Should be included in the Esports Tournament Website

To build an esports tournament website, the business owners must include the following features on the website:

  • The white label esports solutions must be available on the website that allows customization to add to the events and tournaments of the website.
  • There must be features available on the tournament website that can be eliminated and modify the elements on the website.
  • The management platform must also be available for the users regarding matches and events so that they did not miss any game to play.
  • The website should have an admin and user panel available that helps in facilitating players and business owners.
  • People interact with social media and the website also needs to implement social media interaction features for the users.

Solutions for building an Esports Tournament Website

Esports is the best source to earn money for gamers. It makes it easy for esports players to play games easily. Esports tournament websites have features with a wide variety of sports that enable players to organize their events and tournaments. There are different solutions for building an esports tournament as follows:

Esports Website Builder

It is one of the simplest ways to build an esports tournament website. The esports website builder includes all appropriate features that help build tournament websites with essential elements such as social networking platforms, match reports, leaderboards, schedules, and many more.

Website builder sites have various templates that can be used in creating esports tournament websites. It also has a management portal feature that helps in creating the website easily. The organizers can sign-up with the suitable website builder site and implement the effective features on their tournament website.


It is one of the trending approaches to building a tournament website. WordPress has themes and plugins that control the looks and functionality of the website. WordPress is a better option for entrepreneurs without access to skilled developers. The owners can buy web hosting services of WordPress and manage their website without hiring the developers. It only costs for web hosting, themes, and plugins.

Custom-Coding Approach

It is one of the most effective ways of building an esports tourism website. Under this, the entrepreneur needs to hire a team with UI designers, business analysts, testers, developers, and project managers. The team is considering the following factors while developing a tournament website:

  • Wireframing: It is the first step of building a website by implementing a complete structure and framing of the website.
  • Designing: It is the next step, where the designs are created for attracting a large number of audience.
  • Development: This step includes coding on the website that helps in making a responsive website for the users.
  • APIs: This step helps in establishing an interaction between the users and the website.
  • Quality Assurance: It is another step of building a tournament website where the testing of the website takes place. This step helps determine the faults on the website.
  • Development and Operations: At last this step helps in reducing the process of the entire website.


As we have seen, the esports industry has become so popular in the market. Many of the statistical records show that investing in esports can be a beneficial source of income for business owners. As stated above there are many solutions available that help in building an esports tournament website. The business owners must execute esports business for enhancing their business in the iGaming market.

Best Solutions for Building up the Esports Tournament Website