Kitchen Countertop Ideas for Your Newly Built Kitchen

The kitchen countertop is the place to add a beautiful design touch to a kitchen. Regardless of which kitchen countertop thoughts you’re attracted to, select materials that are strong and built to withstand the wear and tear related to prep and cooking.

Technology and engineering have made a wide variety of design options and finishes possible. Though most of the following kitchen countertop ideas are lasting, it’s a fantastic idea to utilize cutting silicone and board trivets. Avoid countertop surfaces clean with a non-abrasive, soft towel. It follows installation or manufacturer guidelines on what things to use to wash and take care of the beauty of your countertops for a long time.

1. Concrete Countertops

Concrete is just really a material that is making its way throughout the outside and interior of the home, countertops comprised! Opt for a concrete slab to get the own kitchen counter design and create a glossy and distinctive appearance for your space.

Concrete countertops are all available, or you can create your own with a kit, whether you are proficient with DIY. But, bear in mind that concrete can take up to 28 days to dry if you are working to a tight schedule, so it’s not ideal. Besides, it needs to be sealed.

2. Solid Surfacing

Made of aluminum, solid surface countertops have been all designed to withstand years of usage and certainly will include an integrated sink. Solid surfaces resist sunlight, moisture, stains, and heat and will be mended with light buffing.

3. Laminate

This is definitely the basic counter-top option offered. Laminate manufacturers include Formica, WilsonArt, and Pionite, to list a couple. Laminate has come a very long way and has moved beyond the basic color into alternatives that resemble stones like marble and granite. The benefits of a countertop would be infinite layout and color options, together with value, as well as the stain resistance. The downside to laminate countertops is the durability. Laminate is not a heat resistant surface and is vulnerable to scratches and dents.

4. Wood

While most of us think butcher block once we hear wood countertops, then there’s a case to make for various hardwoods like walnut, cherry, mahogany, and maple, in addition to current popular choices including madrone. Not only do these stuff put in any style kitchen and a cozy feel, but they can also be refinished several times and will age brilliantly.

5. Soapstone

Since it’s quite durable and resistant to chemicals, soapstone has become a staple in labs for ages. Being a kitchen countertop, it gives the very same advantages and a look that is distinguishing. As it’s nonporous and – and temperature-neutral, it is resistant to rust and scorching.

It sealed to get a darker look or could be left to age naturally. While soapstone is susceptible to damage, that makes the top more beautiful, making it an antique-looking patina. In reality, it is encouraged that homeowner’s acrylic the countertop once monthly to the patina and to allow its first year to permit the surface to oxidize and for the patina to develop.

6. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel materializes to be a popular choice for commercial kitchens, but it has become a fad in residential. Such a countertop is also an instant way to deliver your kitchen a chic, industrial look. However, there are several pros and cons of choice.

If you clean steel appropriately, it’s easy to maintain. But the longer you leave a dab or spill, the tighter it’s become harder to clean. It’s possible to wash stainless steel countertops having a product formulated especially for that surface or a bit of water and soap. Stainless steel also shows fingerprints and water spots, so it’s not great for a house with younger kids. But if you are running a restaurant in a Metal Garage or steel building, so it will be best for your commercial purpose.

7. Butcher Block

Butcher-block is also an affordable option for stone countertops. It’s made from items of timber which can be secured to form a larger slab. Butcher block countertops have traditionally been created from all sorts of wood, including maple, walnut, pine, and teak. However, as it’s both sustainable as well as ecofriendly bamboo is beginning to come into favor. What finish you choose depends upon the kind of kitchen and your house.

8. Quartz

Quartz-surfacing countertops are made of 93 percent smashed all-natural quartz blended with plastic resins and color pigments. In addition to being accessible to a wide range of colors and designs, the nonporous material offers hygienic advantages. And the durability winner is the man-nature combo countertop, quartz. Crushed quartz rock is blended with resin to generate countertops that range between solid colors to the appearance of real granite; however, they will conquer natural stone in toughness.

9. Patterned Stone

At a measure to resemble ordinary slabs of rock, patterns are currently making existence in stone countertops, which are typically made from rounded particles. Quartz is a go-to for crafting swirled patterns that result in a fun appearance in your kitchen.

10. Ceramic Tile

Robust and inexpensive tile arrives in numerous textures, sizes, and colors and can be produced of ceramic, porcelain, or stone. Costs fluctuate, with the least costly options starting at $2 per square foot. It is also a terrific DIY project. Just be for sure to cover any plaster used among the tiles to ward off germ’s buildup.

11. Marble

Countertops have really come into prominence in the last few decades. “Marble is still king concerning aesthetics and in high-end new evolution. It’s easy to understand the reason why. This stone elevates a kitchen, giving a contemporary feel. There is nothing that looks like a glowing white marble finish, but marble countertops are available in different colors as well, including shades of taupe, brown, gray, and even green. No two marble countertops are precisely alike.

Which Choice is Right for You?

There are so many kitchen countertop choices available on the market these days. Many you loved for several years and have heard about it. The others have recently made Their appearance onto your kitchen finish scene. You will likely wind up being forced to make any decisions for your installation.

Weighing maintenance demands with eco-friendliness with the expression of the countertops you opt for will be one of them. Whether you pick the warm look of butcher block, or even perhaps the maintenance-free soapstone, or the contemporary stainless steel, you’re sure to locate the best countertop to suit your desires.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas