How to Choose the Right Refurbished Phone for You

From iPhones to mobile accessories, you can find everything you need phone-wise on the second-hand electronics market. Not only is purchasing this way more cost-effective, but it is also more environmentally friendly.

However, it can be hard to know how to navigate it, and many consumers are worried that they aren’t going to receive what they paid for. To help you out, and to ensure that you get the phone you want, read on to learn how to choose the right refurbished phone for you.

1. Understand the difference between “used” and “refurbished.”

First, you want to spend some time researching the refurbished phone market and learning about the different standards. One of the most important things to note is the difference between “used” and “refurbished” phones. While both refer to secondhand phones, there is a significant difference in the quality standard.

Generally, used phones are sold by individuals and often have visible marks (such as scratches) and hardware issues (such as battery degradation). While these tend to be the cheapest option, they come with a lot more risk as the seller won’t provide you with a warranty.

On the other hand, refurbished phones have been tested and examined and then repaired by professionals. During this process, the refurbishment team evaluates both the physical condition and hardware of the device in order to ensure that the phone is up to the standard of a new phone. For this reason, refurbished phones come with a warranty, which makes it a lot less risky of a purchase.

2. Consider what features you need.

There are a wide variety of phones on the market, so before you look at potential options, you must think about the type of features you need. To ensure that you choose the right phone for you, make a list of your requirements and then reference it during your search.

One of the most significant decisions you will have to make is between software, for example, do you want iOS or Android? If you aren’t sure which software is right for you, people generally find iOS to be easier to use. It also gets new apps first and has the timeliest software updates. Plus, iPhones work seamlessly with other iOS devices (such as iPads and Macs), and iOS is more secure than Android. On the other hand, Android provides you with several hardware choices and has more affordable options.

Other features to consider are the size of the screen, the color quality and brightness of the phone’s display, and how much storage you want. We recommend it that you get at least 32GB of storage; however, 64GB is the new standard. Keep in mind that there are smartphones that offer up to 256 GB of storage. Furthermore, you may want advanced features such as facial recognition, dual-SIM capabilities, and water resistance.

3. Look for a reputable seller.

At this point, you are ready to start looking at potential options. As there are a lot of phones being sold online, it is crucial that you find a reputable seller. Generally, your best choices are to purchase one from the manufacturer or reliable refurbished resellers.

On the manufacturer side, Apple sells refurbished iPhones on its website for a reduced price. However, these phones are usually a lot more expensive than if you were to purchase one from a refurbished reseller such as Teckzu.

Not all refurbished resellers are the same, so it is essential that you read through customer reviews to ensure that the one you are considering sells the highest quality refurbished phones possible. Moreover, make sure that they offer you a one-year warranty.

For the most part, it is not recommended that you purchase a phone from an online auction site. Unfortunately, it is harder to trust these sellers, as you have no way of guaranteeing that the state of the phone is analogous to how they described it online.

4. Choose an appropriate phone plan.

Just as important as the type of refurbished phone you choose is the phone plan you can connect to. Again, you want to ensure you are clear about the requirements you have to find a phone plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. As most refurbished phones are unlocked, you will be able to use them with any carrier and any phone plan.

The main thing to consider is your data usage and whether or not you require an unlimited data plan, or whether a small, limited plan is enough. In 2020, most aspects of cellphone use are related to data usage, so it is certainly recommended that you opt for either an unlimited plan or a robust allowance.

Doing some research into your phone habits is a fantastic way to ensure you are choosing a phone plan that aligns with your daily usage. With so many options on the market, you are sure to find the right phone and plan for you.

5. Educate your friends on the benefits of purchasing refurbished phones.

In addition to being beneficial for your wallet, opting to purchase a refurbished phone is also good for the environment. Every time a new phone is made, it has a significant impact on the planet, as many parts require the use of earth’s limited resources. Therefore, by choosing a refurbished phone, you are helping to decrease your electronics’ carbon footprint.

It surprises many people to learn that their phones have such an environmental impact, which is why the best thing you can do (after purchasing your refurbished phone) is to educate your friends and family about this topic. After all, when they see how great your new-to-you phone is, they might have a second thought before buying a new one.

As a consumer, the most beneficial thing you can do to reduce your environmental impact is to consume less; however, when you do have to get something new, choose second hand first.

Have you ever considered purchasing a refurbished phone? Why or why not? If you have, do you have any additional tips to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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