Bigg Boss 8: Shahid and Shraddha promote Haider

Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss season 8 witnessed the calm before the storm, as Bigg Boss finally takes matters into his own hands.

The remaining members Deepshika Nagpal and RJ Preetam of the Secret Society will now join their former comrade Puneet Isaar and the rest of the passengers on Flight BB 8. Earlier with the arrival of Puneet Issar, hostility and distrust in the house grew as the passengers did not know the real motive of a member of the secret society living amongst them.

And now that all members of the Secret Society will be joining the rest of the passengers, the flight is surely going into a tailspin. With all contestants living together, the members of the Secret Society will lose the immunity and control over the passengers that they enjoyed for the first week of the show. Will they adjust to their new neighbors, surroundings and living in the confines of an airplane is yet to be seen.

But this was not the end of the surprises that Bigg Boss has in store for viewers today. Shahid Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor came to visit the passengers of Flight BB08. After a tour of the flight, Shahid and Shraddha spent some time with them.

But it seemed like the tasks given by Secret Society were not enough for the passengers, as Shahid and Shraddha made them complete a few tasks of their own.
Before leaving Shahid and Shraddha met with Bigg Boss host Salman Khan where they danced to the tunes of Bismil from the movie Haider, and Shraddha sang songs from her movies.
All’s well that ends well, but that was just for Shahid and Shraddha as their visit to Bigg Boss had come to an end; as for the passengers, their journey has just begun.
To know how Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor spent their Sunday with Salman Khan and the passengers, watch Bigg Boss Season 8.