WhatsApp Beta for Android hints at 5 upcoming features

Facebook-owned social messaging platform, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service across the world. There are highly anticipated features that will soon be available for users. WhatsApp’s latest beta update reveals these features.

1. DarkMode

Dark Mode has become the new default UI option for operating systems and apps. Almost all Facebook-owned apps like Instagram, Messenger have dark mode. The feature turns the app interface in a dark colour. Apart from dark theme being easy on eyes, another benefit of this feature is that it saves the battery.

 2. Group Members

The current version of WhatsApp allows its users to add up to 256 members in a group. In the upcoming version, WhatsApp aims to increase the capacity to support up to 5000 members. The upcoming update will get the expanded number of users.

3. Chat Storage

WhatsApp uses Google Drive and iCloudwha for storing chat backups. If a user switches from an Android to iOS device, there is no way to retrieve the backup. WhatsApp is introducing its own chat backup storage option to help users easily migrate between two OS platforms.

4. Secret Chat

The privacy focused feature can be a great addition to WhatsApp. It work similar to Telegram, which offers end-to-end encryption. If the user takes a screenshot of chat in a secret chat mode, both the parties are notified about the same.

5. Self Destruct Messages

This feature allows users to set a timer on the messages. Once the message is deleted, it will leave no trace of its existence. Self-destruct feature is for users that wish to share instant messages that get deleted within selected time frame.