5 Ways To Burn Calories On Morning Commute!

In today’s busy schedule, we barely have any time to catch up on our sleep, let alone getting any time to exercise and workout or To Burn Calories. This is especially valid for those who have to travel a long distance for their work, leaving absolutely no time to exercise either while going to the office or even returning back to home.

How to Exercise While Commuting?

Since exercise is vital in keeping our body and mind, happy and healthy, we need to figure out a way to accommodate working out in our busy schedules. Unlike common misconceptions, when it comes to exercise, even a little goes a long way.

So, if you are trying hard to stay in shape but have no time in hand, below are some creative ways to burn some calories on your commute. It doesn’t matter, whether you travel by car, use the metro or even walk to the office, there is something for everyone.


1. Stairs

Let’s begin with the easiest workout routine. To do this, you have to wake up a little early. Ditch the elevator and take the staircase when you reach office. To burn extra calories, squat on each step.

You can also do lunges on the staircase by slowing your speed and skipping two to three stairs. You need to keep your legs in the lunge position as you take the next step. Keep in mind – the slower the movement, the more calories you are going to burn.

2. On the Bicycle

If you cycle your way to the office, reverse pedaling can be an interesting way to burn some calories. If you want to be even more innovative, you can start adding a little weight on the handles of your bicycle.

To work your lower body, start cycling while standing up. It will not only increase the resistance but you can also work on your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

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3. Walk During Work

If your office is nearby and you walk the whole way, fret not, we have something for you as well. Start with one minute of lunging as you walk, they don’t have to be deep lunges.

Another interesting way to burn calories is walking backward for about half a minute, just ensure that there is no traffic behind you while you do so. Always take the stairs whenever you get the chance on the street.

4. During Driving in Car

Yes, it is possible to work your muscles and burn some calories even while you are driving. You can improve your muscle tone while driving by wearing some weight on your arms.

The idea is to increase the resistance on your arms the whole time you are driving. It will also help you to increase muscle composition.


5. In the Metro

First things first, stop asking people to squeeze a little so that you can adjust yourself. Do you want to workout? Give up that seat. You can start with something as subtle as 5 set of calf raises.

If luckily, the metro is relatively less crowded, you can do seat squats. To do the seat squats, let your bottom touch the seat and then stand up. You can repeat the same 3 times.

Burn Calories On Morning Commute