How Your Body Responds When You Are Stuck In Toxic Job

We all have bad days at work and your boss yells at you, your work is unappreciated, someone else gets the credit for your hard work or your colleagues simply piss you off. But there is a huge difference between cribbing about any particular aspect of your workplace and getting severe anxiety on Sunday evenings by the mere thought of going back to work on Monday.

Loathing your job not only affects your mental health but also lands your body in trouble. Ultimately, this tremendous work stress ends up ruining your life by robbing your mental peace and physical well-being, completely.

7 terrible things that happen to your body when you hate your job

If you are in a constant battle with yourself about whether you are stuck in a toxic job or if it is just a bad day, count the number of days in the week that you make it without having a complete breakdown. If it seems like your life has just become one bad day at work after another, it is time to jump the ship. We are listing down these 7 terrible things that happen to your body when you hate your job.

1. Tension Headaches

This one is a no brainer, as an incredible amount of stress is equal to a throbbing headache. When you are battling a lot of anxiety and stress, your body automatically tends to tense up. So, if you feel that your neck and head are constantly paining, blame it to the chronic tension.

2. Malaise

A negative environment in the workplace can actually lead to a constant feeling of fatigue and uneasiness that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how much you rest. If your body keeps aching generally, without any certain cause, it might be the result of a stressful work environment.

3. You fall sick pretty often

Your immune system becomes weak when you work in a toxic environment, where you are just not happy. So, it should come as no surprise that you fall sick more often than usual. Chronic stress can also make your body prone to season changes and allergies.

​4. Irregular periods

The female reproductive system may get really affected by the amount of stress as it induces hormonal changes in the body. A toxic and stressful environment may lead to missed periods or irregular periods in case of women. It is a classic example of how stress manifests in the human body.

5. Your mental health goes for a toss

When you are already battling anxiety and depression, workplace stress can add to the woes. Out sized stress can also result in mental fatigue, where you never feel at peace. Going to a job that you hate every day can seriously hinder your mental peace.

6. You lose your Love drive

Yes, we are not kidding. According to the American Psychological Association, when women undergo tremendous stress, it actually affects their sex drive and lowers down their sexual desire. On the other hand, men may have a lower libido than usual or may not get aroused as easily as before, if they are unhappy at their workplace.

​7. You are not able to sleep

If you are not able to catch quality sleep at night, extreme stress and unhappiness in life might be the ones to blame. When you lay down on bed at night and mentally make a to-do list for work tomorrow, your sleep goes for a toss. While a few sleepless nights are a no big deal, keep a close tab on your sleeping pattern to check if it has become really problematic.

What should you do?

If you are experiencing all of the symptoms above, take a step back and analyze your whole situation carefully. Ask yourself if the job is worth ruining your health and happiness.

Ultimately, before you call it quits, do check whether it is just a phase or your workplace is actually very toxic. Once, you have identified the problem, do not leave your job before landing another in your hand.