Will Kapil Sharma start war between Shah Rukh and Salman?

Recently, when the actor and Comedian Kapil Sharma was asked who his favourite Khan was, he said Shah Rukh Khan and not Salman Khan and this clearly suggests that Kapil is miffed with Salman Khan, whom he so dearly liked Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is also close to Kapil and had generously donated when Kapil’s sets caught fire.

But we all know that Kapil was very fond of Salman and he has always referred to Salman as his bhai and always praised him and so, what happened that Salman scored poor marks in his report card?

The story dates back to when Salman was promoting his production venture ‘Hero’ and Salman chose another new comedy show on Colors ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ rather than Kapil’s hit show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’.

Kapil Sharma
Will Kapil Sharma start war between Shah Rukh and Salman

This really upset Kapil says an actor of CNWK, “When Salman decided to go on the other show, Kapil took the snub to heart and Kapil Sharma is now an open and unabashed SRK supporter.”

Another source revealed, “Kapil was very hurt when Salman bhai decided to go on the new show and Kapil will now prove that his show does not need any Bollywood help to sustain its humour.”

Well, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are just back on good terms with each other and now that Kapil has taken issues to his heart, does this mean another Khan war is in the making? We will keep you posted.