Pakistan to start anti-polio drive on Monday

Pakistan is set to begin a three-day nation wide anti polio immunisation campaign on 15 Feb Monday, the media reported than thousands of teams have been formed for the drive against the crippling disease with hopes to eliminate the virus this year, According to official sources.

And according to UNICEF health official, there was an at least 88 % reduction in polio cases recorded in 2015 and with this kind of progress, Pakistan can be declared a non-epidemic country for polio virus this year.

In 2014, Pakistan recorded 305 polio cases and around 2923,000 children from Khyber Agency, North Waziristan and South Waziristan missed immunisation in 2014 due to inaccessibility to these areas.

Polio vaccination has always remained a challenge for health officials in the country for they have to convince parents, who are sometimes reluctant because of their conservative views and special counters would be established at public parks, railway stations, bus and wagon stands, airports and transit points to administer anti-polio drops to children to ensure that no child is left without the vaccine.