Top 7 Smart Grooming Hacks Every Man Should Be Know

All men want to look Smart and Good looking but none of us want to spend more time than is absolutely necessary in front of the bathroom mirror each morning and life is too short, and you are already too vain.

It is easy, and will make you look like a million bucks and, most importantly, save your time! Elevate yourself from the mind-numbingly boring side-parted hairstyle, basic skin care rules, etc., with these easy male grooming tips and before we go any further with the grooming hacks for men, here are some basic rules you need to diligently follow at all times!

Here are some smart grooming hacks or tips for men!


#1. Shower Before Your Shave

It is tempting, during the course of your hectic morning routine, to take care of business – the flossing, the teeth-brushing, the whatever else – before relaxing in a nice warm shower but shaving after you shower – when your face’s bristles have been softened by steam, and your skin’s follicles are open – gives you a much closer, smoother shave with reduced risk of nicks.


#2. Swap Shaving Cream For Hair Conditioner

Especially useful if the searing sensation of ‘Cool Mint’ isn’t what your nether regions called for, swapping your standard shaving cream for hair conditioner also results in a less drying shave: conditioner, unlike shaving cream, moisturises your skin rather than stripping it of its naturally occurring oils.


#3. Pop Pimples With Tissues

Unwelcome guest at the face party? Burst its bubble by squeezing your spot gently with tissues covering your fingertips and not only will it help prevent the spread of bacteria by stopping your fingers touching your skin directly, it’ll also stop you from cutting your face up with your fingernails.


#4. Blast Your Razor With A Hairdryer

Save water, and your sanity, by blasting the blades of your razor with a hair dryer to both remove hair and prevent oxidation and rusting from dulling or damaging your blades.


#5. Clear Your Ears With Olive Oil, Not Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are not made for ear exploration (and can wreak havoc on your sensitive ear drums) and olive oil, however, when dispensed a couple of drops at a time, lubricates your ears and loosens wax so it falls out of its own accord and heat a small amount of oil in a heavy-based saucepan to body temperature and then use a sterilised eyedropper to dispense it (just a couple of drops) into your ear, keeping your head tilted to one side and follow up by dropping in some warm water to help dislodge the wax ball.


#6. Kiss Better, With The Help Of Your Toothbrush

Common logic would dictate that exfoliating your lips is probably not up there with rent payments, getting that raise and saving your relationship on your list of life priorities and but by simply rubbing your toothbrush over your lips (once you have finished with your teeth), you can easily slough off dead skin to reveal a smoother set of smackers and which should help the relationship bit at least.


#7. Take Nail Clippers Or Tweezers To Rogue Hairs

Whether or not you think we’ve hit peak beard, you’ll likely agree that a three-inch long nose hair is not a look that is set to trend anytime soon and deal with unsightly nose, ear and other rogue facial hairs by trimming them down to size using nail clippers or, better yet, nipping them in the bud with some tweezers.

Finlay, Have you put any of these to the test yourself? Or perhaps you have your own surprising grooming secrets to share.

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