Semalt Expert: Image SEO And Opportunities It Can Give

Videos and pictures offer unique search engine optimization opportunities and help your pages send different topical signals to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. The search engine crawlers evaluate the text of images and relate it to the content of your website. They not only understand and display the text of images correctly but also use them as a source of guidance for the topical relevance of the specific pages. Uploading the pictures is straightforward, and there are some ways to add extra SEO juice to the pictures.

Image Alt Tag:

The image alt tags give the search engine bots a clear context of your pictures. Tags help Google understand the nature and meaning of your picture and are used by readers. The image alt tags serve both accessibility functions and search engine optimization. That’s why you should focus on writing image alt tags properly and add the main keyword to them. The good alt tags provide extraordinary keyword context for the pages and help your images rank higher in the image search.

Semalt ExpertOliver King, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says that you should keep the image alt text shorter than 130 characters and avoid keyword stuffing. Make sure the text looks natural and talks briefly about your content. At the same time, you should control the size of images posted and avoid using al tags on the decorative pictures such as background photographs and bird or animal images. For adding alt tags in Weebly, you should upload the image to the server and click on the Advanced > Alt Text option.

Image Captions:

A caption offers an insight of your content, and Google looks at captions to understand the nature of your content. An image caption is not an SEO requirement, but it is good for your site’s overall credibility and visibility. It is possible to add an image caption in Weebly. For this, you should upload the picture and select the Caption option.

Image URLs and Filenames:

It’s important to add keywords to your filename, and this is one of the best SEO practices. Google and other search engines look at the filenames in pictures and help you add value to your overall content. Plus, it becomes easy for webmasters to get their images ranked in Google image search, driving more and more traffic to their web pages. When you upload the picture in Weebly, make sure the URL matches the filename. This way, your image URL will look like It is one of the most critical image SEO tools and should be used on a regular basis.

Size of Images:

The size of your images should be reasonable and should match the content of your website. If you have access to small-sized pictures, you can resize them using some tools such as Preview for Mac and others. Most often, people photoshop pictures to give them a more impressive and comprehensive look. A large number of tools are available on the internet that can help you resize and alter your images. Also, Weebly automatically sets your background and header pictures to an optimal size, so you don’t need to worry about resizing a large number of photos.