Overrated life goals, and the things you should do instead

In life, you often get caught up in a lot of overrated things. So much so that you forget to focus on what truly matters, such as your loved ones, meaningful experiences, and your overall happiness. Gratitude and the simple things in life, like a walk in the park, get easily pushed to the side. Sadly, instead of focusing on what truly matters, we spend a lot of our energy and effort on several overrated goals.

1.  Being the top dog at work

You might expect being on top at work would lead to success and happiness. But in reality, it often means a negative impact on your physical and mental health, and also on your relationships.

2.  Growing up

By making a big deal of growing up, you actually forget to hone your maturity level. Instead of enjoying each life stage and developing your relationships, you rush through life.

3.  Weddings

You might be more in love with the idea of getting married than the idea of spending forever with your significant other. When you’re focused on the superficial elements of weddings, you forget that it’s supposed to be a celebration of love. Consider whether a wedding is really for you, or if you’re pressured by a social norm.

4.  Job-related concerns

Instead of staying up late at night bonding with the people who matter, you stay up late in order to finish a project before its deadline, impress your boss, and hopefully get that promotion. In the future, you’ll probably regret that you didn’t spend more time with your family and friends.

5.  Being right

Most arguments in the world stem from our desire to be right, especially over minuscule things. But being right at the cost of a relationship isn’t worth it.