Top 10 Ways to Choose Workout Shoes for Hiking

Are you simply tired of getting blisters on your feet from your hiking adventures? Have you tried getting yourself some hiking boots but found them too hot, unyielding, and heavy? Then we have got the best solution for you – the hiking workout shoes.

You need the best workout shoes if you want your feet to endure the usually long hours of hiking and climbing higher altitudes. Choosing the wrong workout shoes will usually end in pain and discomfort, or worse, injury. To help you in your quest to find the best running workout shoes for hiking, we’ve compiled some helpful tips that will make you an expert shoe-hunter in no time.

1. Know The Ins And Outs Of Your Feet

Are your feet fully balanced when standing up, or do they tend to distribute more weight on a specific part? If your feet tend to roll inwards, get a shoe with maximum support and motion-control features. If you’re feet roll outwards, choose a shoe that has soft midsoles. For fully balanced feet, get stability shoes that give a good mix of support and cushioning.

2. Measure Your Feet For Any Changes

Do you have some cute workout shoes that used to fit so perfectly, but suddenly feels too tight? Your feet change in size as you grow older, and this continues even in adulthood. Regularly measure your feet for taking these size changes into account.

3. Get Different Footwear For Each Specific Activity

A walking shoe, for example, should be stiffer, while a running shoe should be flexible and have to be made from a material that can cushion greater impacts. You might be thinking, “isn’t that impractical and needlessly costly?” We recommend doing so because the higher risk of injuries will cost you more to fix in the long run than buying another set of workout shoes.

4. Wear The Socks That You Will Use For The Activity

Some socks are thicker than others. When buying new workout shoes, wear the socks you’ll be wearing when hiking. This way, you’re taking into account the extra space for your socks.

5. Learn About Your Footwear’s Extra Features

Some models have features that make them more suited for longer heights, and it’s up to you to ask and learn about them. Know about your needs and fit them with the shoe you want to buy. There are plenty of great workout shoes for men in the market; you need to know which one fits you best.

6. Shop Near The End Of Your Day

Your feet swell as you use them throughout your day. They expand in size as you walk or run. This is why it’s best to get workout shoes that fit your feet while in their “enlarged” form.

7. There’s No Such Thing As “Breaking In” New Footwear

The best workout shoes for men and women should be comfortable the moment you try them on. Walk and run with them in the story and see if they still feel good. You don’t need to wear down a shoe to make it comfortable.

8. Expensive Footwear Won’t Necessarily Equal Quality

Good workout shoes for women and men don’t require you to shell out inordinate amounts of cash. If you do decide to invest in a more expensive brand, be sure to give importance to function over form. Brook’s workout shoes are a good example of quality products from a trusted brand.

9. Rule Of Thumb

There should be a thumb’s width space between your shoe’s tip and your biggest toe. Make sure that the heel is fitted enough that it won’t come out when walking. Your toes should be free enough to wiggle about in your shoe. Whether you have a low top or high-top workout shoes, make sure that the part that hugs your ankles fits snuggly.

10. Replace Your Footwear When Needed

Generally, a pair of workout shoes have to be replaced after a 400-mile usage. A better way of determining if a shoe needs replacing is through look or feel. Are they starting to feel more uncomfortable than usual? If so, then that’s a clear sign that it needs to be replaced.


We hope that our little guide will help you find the right shoe for your next hiking adventure. Do you know any tips that we might have missed? Help out your fellow readers and leave it down in the comments!