How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Dental Health?

Pregnancy is a sensitive phase in the life of women. It comes with good portents and signifies joy. However, would-be mothers are also supposed to take a greater care of the body to see through the stage well and welcome the arrival of a healthy baby. In fact, among all health, pregnant ladies should also take a better care of their dental health or oral health so that their teeth and gums can stay healthy during the phase.

  • Dental health during pregnancy is important for many reasons, including –
  • A good care of gums and teeth during pregnancy means a good health to the baby and the mother
  • Studies have shown a link between periodontitis and premature birth
  • Low birthweight is also linked with periodontitis
  • Pregnancy changes can affect the gums and teeth considerably due to more blood flow through the body
  • More acid is in the mouth during pregnancy, and this presence of acid can harm the teeth and gums
  • All the chemical and hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy can cause dental health problems

Clearly, pregnancy is never an easy time as far as dental health is concerned and it calls for better and greater oral care. You should consult the dentist timely and ensure the phase goes smoothly for you.

Some of the major dental problems during pregnancy include –

1. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is one of most common dental problems during pregnancy. It’s hexametrized by red, swollen or sore gums. When you have gingivitis, your gums may bleed while brushing teeth. This problem happens due to the presence of high levels of progesterone hormone in the body. The good part however is, gingivitis is entirely treatable and preventable, and you needn’t worry. And if its treatment is not done timely, it, however, could lead to periodontitis which is a serious gum disease.

2. Loose teeth

Pregnant female brushing teeth at home

Some pregnant women may also experience loose teeth. They might feel as if their teeth are not in place or if their teeth alignment is not proper or disturbed. This problem also happens due to the presence of high levels of progesterone and oestrogen hormones during pregnancy. Both the hormones can impact the bones and tissues that keep the teeth firm and in place. This how your teeth may appear loose.

3. Periodontitis

Pregnancy is marked by hormonal changes. And all the hormones are acidic in nature and cause dental health problems. They can cause some serious gum problems including periodontitis. This disease is characterized by swelling and infection in the gums and bones. And when the gums and bones are inflamed, your teeth’s firmness may shake, and your teeth may turn loose over time. So, consult the dentist when you’re pregnant to stay on the right side of your dental health.

4. Pregnancy tumours

Tumours are quite common during pregnancy, but they are not of the variety to feel worried about. And yes, they are not cancerous in nature but only lumps formed on the swollen gums. They are basically dental problem as they get formed between teeth. Too much plaque can cause these tumours, so bleeding is natural from them. In most cases, these tumours may go away on own and if they did not, you could go for surgery and get them removed post the childbirth.

5. Tooth decay

Hormones during pregnancy may mean the presence of acid in the mouth. The same acids can cause enamel erosion gradually leading to tooth decay. And since pregnant ladies have more acids in their mouth, they are more likely to at risks for tooth decay. Having more morning sickness and more cases of throwing up means there is more acid which is not good for your oral health. You can consult the dentist in this regard and see what help is available.

6. Tooth loss

All the hormones and acids during pregnancy can put you at greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Your teeth may thus fall out or you may need to consult the dentist for help. In the meanwhile, you can know about root canal treatment cost and weigh in your options in case tooth loss happens during pregnancy. The dentist will suggest the next and right course of action for you.

Dental health During Pregnancy

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