Salman Khan is Not Interested in Being Selected For Oscars

Superstar Salman Khan, whose latest “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” was one of the movies competing for India’s official Oscar entry consideration, says for him the audiences’ reaction is more important than being selected for a ceremony like the Academy Awards and Chaitanya Tamhane’s Marathi film “Court” saw off competition from blockbusters like “Baahubali” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, to represent India in the best foreign film category at the Oscars next year.

“We made the film for our audiences here… (For) people of Asia and People have liked the film in India, Pakistan and now in China also and I do not make films for business,” Salman told in Media.

The “Dabangg” star insists he and the films team worked really hard to make an entertaining movie and it is painful (working on film) and it looks like we are having fun but we are not and my job as an actor is to put myself in trouble, to go against age and against everything so, when the people go to theatres they should have fun then my job ends there and after that what goes where (Oscars) does not matter… It does not interest me, Salman told in Media.

Salman Khan is Not Interested in Being Selected For Oscars

The Kabir Khan directed blockbuster is about a young Pakistani girl, played by Harshaali Malhotra, who gets lost in India and eventually reunites with her family with Salman’s help and the 49 years old actor is returning for the sixth time to host the ninth edition of controversial celebrity reality show “Bigg Boss”.

“I feel one should not go overboard and there has to be a limit to everything and my mother fails to understand why people all of a sudden fight in the house and then there are times when nothing happens,” he told in Media.

“Educatedpeople, celebrities who earn in lakhs behave like this and some do it to stay, some are correct, some is wrong and my only concern is when they come out of the house, they should be okay and they come to me, I guide them,” he told.

The Salman Khan said he does not consider “Bigg Boss” as a game show and contrary to rumours, Salman said he has no say in the selection of contestants.

“I am not involved at all and if I had my way than half of the house would be filled with my people and I am not even aware when people I know or are friends with me are going on the show and I come to know (who the participants are) on the day of the shoot,” Salman said.

Going by the theme “Double Trouble” of the show, when asked how he overcomes the troubles of his life, Salman said, “I am working hard towards it.”