Hair Loss Problems: 5 ways to Control hair loss

The problem of hair loss seems to be quite common these days. Some of the causes of hair loss are stress, nutritional deficiencies, dandruff, oily scalp, illness, thyroid or hormonal imbalances, use of chemical lotions and heat applications. In “male pattern baldness,” the causes may be hereditary and hormonal factors.

We tend to think that hair loss and hair breakage are the same, but they are not. Hair breakage happens when the hair shaft breaks off. This can happen due to chemical lotions, heat applications, use of rubber bands, dryness and split ends. Hair loss, on the other hand, happens when the hair falls off from the root.

Obviously, hair loss should cause more concern, although 50 to 100 hairs fall off daily in the normal process. If the rate of replacement slows down, then it’s a problem of thinning hair. If you are facing hair loss, try to find out which causes may apply to you.

1. Wash your hair

Wash your hair according to hair type and season. In hot and humid weather, the hair should be washed more often, in order to remove sweat, dirt and oil deposits. Oily hair may be washed three or four times a week. For dry hair, wash twice a week.

2. use the right products

It is important to select the right products. Harsh products disturb the normal acid-alkaline balance. They stimulate the scalp further, leading to a build-up of dead cells on the scalp and dandruff. If your work entails traveling long distances, wash the hair more frequently, even daily, using less shampoo. If there is excessive oiliness, a hair rinse should also be used.

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3. Oil & herbal hair tonic

If the hair is oily, use a hair rinse or serum and avoid creamy conditioners. Select products containing ingredients like amla, shikakai, reetha, brahmi, bhringaraj, arnica, trifala, hibiscus, bael, neem, sandalwood, etc. They have healing properties and offer the element of safety. Non-oily herbal hair tonic, containing trifala and brahmi can help to control hair loss.

4. healthy and nutritious diet

A healthy and nutritious diet can promote healthy hair growth. Take a small bowl of sprouts daily. Sprouts contain amino acids, which promote hair growth. If the scalp is oily, or if there is dandruff, drink plenty of water.

5. In-last clinical treatments

The last option can be clinical treatments. They help to stimulate the hair follicles. Blood circulation to the scalp also improves. During clinical treatments, hair tonics are also applied and steamers are used for greater absorption. A nutritious diet helps healthy hair growth since the hair is fed by the nutrients in the bloodstream.