Relieve Tooth Pain Naturally With One Of These Remedies

Tooth pain can be unbearable most of the time. It starts all of a sudden and makes it difficult for the person suffering to do anything else. The worst part is, that the pain can start anywhere and at any given time. The dentist would not be available at all times and it can turn into a nightmare for you.

Sometimes, you may need to instantly get rid of the pain and even painkillers are not an option. For such extremely unfavorable conditions, one must know how to get rid of a toothache through natural remedies.

Below are few home remedies, that can help you get rid of a toothache;

Clove oil

Cloves are very good for your teeth. They are that hidden ingredient that not only gives flavors to your food but also acts as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent. They contain a strong chemical called eugenol. That helps to numb down the nerves that are causing the pain and also protects the mouth from further infection.

Salt water rinse

Salt water is really good for the mouth and throat. You must have heard your parents tell you several times to gargle using the salt water in case of throat pain or sour throat. That is because the saline mix is a natural antiseptic and helps your mouth fight against the infection. It prevents the mouth from bacteria attack and can also reduce the amount of pain in the tooth and the gums. Rinse your mouth with salt water when you feel the pain.


Garlic is not an ideal choice in the food items but it does add intense flavor to the food. Another good thing about garlic is that they act as an antibacterial agent. The garlic cloves, when crushed, release allicin. This helps the tooth fight the pain. If you do not feel brave enough to press the garlic in the mouth, then you can rinse the mouth with garlic water. If you fear that it will leave behind the smell, you can use some peppermint after it.


They are very good for the skin. Many people use it to get rid of the puffy eyes. You know why? The cucumber has hemostatic properties, which means that it can help keep the blood in the blood vessels. Slice a piece of cucumber and hold it to the affected area. It is better to use the cucumber that is at room temperature as the cold cucumber can have a negative impact on the sensitive teeth.

Turmeric paste

Turmeric is a magical powder that you can find in the house. It has so many medicinal benefits. It contains curcumin, which has so many antiseptic, analgesic properties. It fights off the bacteria in the mouth and also prevents them from bacteria attack. Mix it in water and then rub it around the infected area with the help of cotton ball. This will help ease down the pain.

However, if the pain persists, it is suggested that you consult a dentist before it gets serious. Visit the dental clinic Delhi to get the best and most affordable treatment.

Relieve Tooth Pain Naturally

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