Your Perfect Valentine’s Week Planner

Valentine’s Week has begun and if you are still not seeing the world through rose-tinted glassed then it’s time to stir up something inside you!  Well, here’s a look at your love planner for this special time of the year, when each day till Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, of a different kind.

Here’s a look at seven special occasions before V-Day that have to celebrate if you believe in love.

#1. Rose Day: February 7th

Don’t flowers and love go hand in hand? Well, we think they do and it’s time to shower your loved one with some red roses to confess your love on Rose Day, which falls on February 7th.


#2. Propose Day: February 8th

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to pop the question? In that case, there can’t be a better day to do the same than on Propose Day, which falls on the 8th day of this special month.

#3. Chocolate Day: February 9th

Chocolates always leave a sweet taste in the mouth and lovers across the world celebrate Chocolate Day to spread some love and cheer in the lives of people they love the most.

#4. Teddy Day: February 10th

Teddy Day is celebrated on the 10th day of the month of love, and on this day lovers gift their loved ones the most adorable teddies they can lay their hands on!

#5. Promise Day: February 11th

Celebrated on the 11th day of Valentine’s Week, Promise Day signifies couples making promises of love to each other.

#6. Hug Day: February 12th

Nothing can beat the warmth of a hug between two lovers and that’s precisely what lovers across the world do on this special day, hug and hold hands.

#7. Kiss Day: February 13th

Pretty self-explanatory, the day is one of the most anticipated days of Valentine’s Week as lovers make the most of this mushy day to seal their love with a kiss.

#8. Valentine’s Day: February 14th

Valentine’s Day, as its often called, is the ultimate celebration of love. The day of romance is observed by lovers all across who meet each other and express their love on this special day of love.