Cut Down Your Screen Time Using Peel TV Remote App

Raise your hand if your phone is with you or within easy reach for more than 90 percent of the time in a day. Well, it is not just you! Each one of us prefers to keep our phones with us. It has covered the journey from a privilege to a basic necessity to addiction in no time. Technology is creating a massive impact on humankind. However, it is up to us to leverage the latest technologies and use it for our well-being and not let it affect us adversely. Google’s Digital wellbeing app is helping us do that in an effective manner.

Restrict screen time to achieve your well-being goals

With technology being an integral part of our lives, Google’s ‘Digital Wellbeing’ app is helping us to keep life at the front and center, and not the technology. In this app, the dashboard gives us the view of how often do we check our phones, the total time we spend on each of the apps, total unlocks, total notifications, etc. The app is facilitating us to fine-tune our tech habits so that we achieve our well-being goals.

Peel Smart Remote App – Control your TV from your phone

Along with the phone, there are other devices too which you use for your entertainment like a laptop, tablet, television, music system, etc. After a long hard day at work, television serves as a major mood booster, as it lets you sit and relax while you watch your favorite shows. Peel TV remote app plays a major role here by letting you reliably control your television and other home entertainment devices from your smartphone. Extremely easy to set up and easy to use, the smart remote application controls all devices using the built-in IR blaster on your phone.

Peel TV remote app not only helps you control your home entertainment devices from one app but also helps you and your kids to watch TV wisely by limiting the screen time. Let us see how!

Did you know?

“As per research, an average human being uses phone 11 hours in a day.”


“Tech addiction impacts the same area of the brain as drugs and alcohol.”


Are you a screen addict?

Excessive exposure to the screen can affect your body adversely. Also, it is called addiction when it starts impacting your day-to-day activities and relationships with spouse, children, parents, and family. We already know that it is recommended to limit the screen time for children. When it comes to adults, it is no different. Considering our screen exposure throughout the day at our workplace, it is advised to minimize our screen exposure after working hours. Here is how Peel TV remote app can help us here.

How Peel helps you cut down your screen time?

Enhance your TV watching experience and cut down on your screen time using Peel TV remote app. The app’s TV programming guide has the schedule so that you know what to watch and when to watch. The synopsis for each of the programs gives you an overall idea about it. You can also watch trailers for movies and programs.

Save the time you spend on surfing: Smart recommendations

How much time do you spend looking for something good to watch?

Peel helps you save this time by suggesting shows and movies of your choice based on your previous watches. Since the time you downloaded the app, Peel records your likes and dislikes. The app knows whether you like watching movies or shows. It knows whether you like to watch romantic movies or sports more. Based on this, it gives you suggestions and helps you save a lot of time that you might have otherwise wasted in deciding what to watch.

The best part is that the app only gets smarter as you keep using it and gives smarter recommendations every time you switch on the TV.

Save the time you spend in knowing about the program: Synopsis

What if you are watching something and want to check out what other channels are playing?

Peel displays the thumbnails of various shows on its front screen. You can long press on the thumbnail to read the synopsis so that you know what the program is all about. If you find it interesting, all you have to do is press the thumbnail and you will be redirected to that channel. The best part is that you can do all of these while still being on the same channel.

The Final Word

Whether you are working towards a healthy life, improve your sleep, spend quality time with family, be more productive at work and home or be mindful, any counselor or psychologist will first recommend you limit your screen time. So, know your limits and spend less time on your phone and television. Even if you are watching television, watch it wisely. Leverage Peel TV remote app to watch the television smartly. Peel is your intelligent TV watching assistant that helps you make the most of your TV time. Use Peel to minimize your screen time so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Using Peel TV Remote App