How to Keep Your Dog Engaged When You’re Busy

Today’s generation of fur parents leads busy lives. Schedules are filled to the hilt balancing work, taking care of the home, and even kids, among others. Taking care of a dog is just another responsibility added to the list.

Life doesn’t stop just because you have kids, living with senior adults, pets, or a combination of all three. With so many obligations to take care of, at some point, pets are usually left to their own devices. However, keeping the dog alone for any length of time isn’t always ideal.

A canine that’s bored and lonely can be destructive. It may choose to fill up its time chewing on furniture, marking areas, playing with your laundry, and so much more. So what can you do to keep your fur baby well-behaved while you are away?


Some fur parents hire dog walkers to keep their pooches distracted while the fur parents are away. But if you can’t hire one or if you don’t have neighbors nearby who can do it, you’ll need to find ways of keeping your fur kids in check.

A store selling dog treats online shares a few tips on how you can keep your dog busy while you are off doing other things, whether outside or at home.

1. Turn on the TV

Perhaps you need to work or attend to chores in another part of your own, but your canine just doesn’t want to leave you alone. One quick and simple way of distracting your pet is to turn on your television.


Switch to Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, or a similar channel that features dogs, cats, or other animals. Seeing other animals on screen may help entertain your own for a while.

Depending on where you are, it may be challenging to find the right channels that your pets can watch. A better alternative is to go online and look for channels or videos that feature similar content.

Perhaps your doggie prefers listening to certain types of music. Whether it is your TV, laptop, radio, music player, or mobile phone, the objective is the same: use sights and sounds to divert your pet’s attention away from doing something destructive.

2. Open your windows

Taking your dog out for a walk or exercise may not always be possible. Perhaps, you live in an area where there are no parks or green spaces nearby where you can go. It could be raining outside, or you just have no time to leave the house.


Whatever the case may be, there are ways to avoid cabin fever for you and your pet, even if you can’t leave your house or apartment. Open your windows, if you can. Just bringing in some sunlight and wind to your home can help minimize the feeling of being shuttered in.

Leaving a door or window open also lets you see what’s going on outside. It’s a simple way to keep your dog preoccupied, especially if you don’t have a large screen or television available. Your pooch can spend hours watching the activity.

Keep your pup comfy by setting a chair or cushion, preferably one by a window. Doing so will make the spot more enticing. Make it cozy, and your pup won’t ever want to leave its place anymore.

3. Leave a toy

Visit any pet shop, whether a physical store or online type, and you may be inundated on the options of available playthings. There are many types of affordable dog supplies and toys that you can easily get carried away with buying a bunch of them. Before you go on a shopping spree, stay true to your objective.


Some toys, such as those made for fetch games or those that require tugging, require the participation of the owner. If your aim is to get your pooch to play by itself, you need toys that are suited for this purpose. These are what some may refer to as distraction toys.

Distraction toys are ideal for diverting your pup’s attention when you don’t have time to play. Puzzle toys, for instance, require your pup to focus and try to solve the puzzle to access the treat, food, or toy inside. Leaving a puzzle toy is a great way to stimulate your pooch’s mind while keeping it busy.

Another type of distraction toy to consider include chew toys. Sturdy and durable, these toys are built for gnawing. A subset includes dental toys and treats.

Dental toys and treats offer the added benefit of brushing your dog’s teeth while they are being chewed on. It’s a fun way to clean your dog’s teeth while you are doing chores.

The demands of modern life may keep you busy throughout the day. With the help of these tips, you can continue with your other obligations without feeling that you have neglected your dog in the process. Try them out today to keep you, your family and puppy stay happy without the need to leave your home.