How Yoga Can Help You Heal From Addiction

Untangling yourself from addiction is impossible, but yoga can heal you from the pain and in the process of recovery. Addiction is a chronic disease that will make you lose self-control. A person who is addicted to any substance such as alcohol or drugs they will have an intense focus on a certain substance. Substance use disorder may engage you by craving, brain functions won’t function normally, the dopamine in the brain will start to produce abnormally. These changes can last long.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), people consume drugs to feel good, to curiosity, for relaxation and mainly from escaping pressure. Misusing drugs cause illness and in some cases premature death. Research says there is no way to predict who will develop compulsive substances. Doing meditation and yoga for addiction recovery on a regular basis you tend to reduce cortisol level. Due to addiction, in the long run, they fail to contact and react with body and mind.

Addiction to the substance will find a way to disconnect from your body and soul. Many studies state that yoga will recover you from addiction, physical pain, relationship problems, stressing over life and life-threatening situations. Yoga can help you return from homeostasis. ‘Yoga’ this word means ‘unite’, which can strengthen the connection between mind and body.

Yoga and its health benefits:

★ Increases the blood flow in your body.
★ Yoga can lower the resting heart rate and improves the maximum uptake of oxygen during exercise.
★ Excessive cortisol level has been linked with major depression, doing yoga poses will help you lower cortisol level.
★ Practicing yoga can help you focus, improves memory and even IQ scores.
★ Many suffer from chronic low-esteem, they get addicted to negative thoughts and consume drugs, but by doing yoga and meditation on a regular basis will attract positive thoughts and people will recover fast.
★ People who are taking regular medicines for problems like asthma, high blood pressure, and type ll diabetes said after started doing yoga their medication is decreased.
★ Breathing exercise in yoga will reduce your anxiety, the main purpose of your breathing is to maintain your overall health and depression.
★ Researchers say that practicing yoga for about eight weeks will increase your concentration and memory.
★ Many chronic migraine sufferers have recovered from migraines.
★ Yoga will also increase the red blood cells in our body, it will carry oxygen through the blood.
★ On regular practice, you can visibly see the changes in yourself in connecting with so many people. Your social skills will be developed and can connect to a large community of people.
★ Detoxification is likely to happen in our body, it has shown to delay aging and many other health benefits.
★ Pain tolerance is higher among people who practice yoga.

The connection between mind and body:

Drug Abuse impacts our body and brain in unusual ways, yoga may actually maintain a healthy balance in our body and even emotional benefits. People will learn to regulate their breathing and listen to their bodies. This will make them realize the self-awareness of how a person can feel in a certain way in a non-judgemental fashion.

People can focus on inward energy so that individuals can take ownership of how they can feel and gain control over themselves. It improves the energy level which will make them eat and sleep better. More sleep means a clearer head and low irritability level. When people are physically healthy, they are more likely to handle stress. Physical exercise can also improve self-image. Yoga will help to find inner-peace through self-realization, it will introduce you to a spiritual connection.

Bottom Line:

Yoga goes away beyond stretching. It is a wonderful therapy for every individual who is suffering from addiction. This will help throughout their lifetime by calming the mind, improving clarity and making better decisions at the needed time. It can be beneficial if they take yoga as a part of people taking treatments in rehabs in San Antonio.

Yoga For Addiction