10 Must-Know Garden Design Ideas in Small Space

Are you planning to have your Garden Design but not understand how to lay it out in a small space? This is the most common thing that people face. The reason is there are so many different layouts and options for garden designs in small spaces.

Proper planning and layout design is essential for small space gardens. If you have little space to grow with a limited budget, have a look at some ideas to maximize the area you can use for your garden. These space-saving solutions may just give you ideas of what you need.

There are many scenarios where you can use small space for the garden, including apartments, villas, rental properties, townhouses with small courtyards, or units with balconies.

Small garden spaces that are functional and creative increase home values and help increase the cost of homes faster for better money. It may add joy to your lifestyle, and helps home staging to make your personal property more desirable when going to sell it.

1. Come Up with a Plan

The first step to growing plants in small spaces needs better planning to be easily executed. If you live in an apartment and only have a balcony to grow your plants, then you need to plan accordingly. If you have some space in your front yard, you can do something more creative in a small space. Terrie’s garden is also a good idea. Find your inspiration first and plan your little garden according to the area you have, and make it more unique and comfortable.

2. Narrow Niches

If all you have is a terrace, window ledge, or walkway, these areas can still be planted out with suitable containers, old pots or old furniture you have. You can go with indoor plants by using small pots or designed containers. Indoor plants are excellent air purifiers and will give a new look to your living room or kitchen windows. Use sleepers to build with a trough that can be easily fitted directly under your kitchen window. It’s a great place to grow different herbs and veggies.

3. Balcony garden

Turn your balcony into a marvelous place, have a garden that would make a Babylonian tear up. You can add a hammock that can be squeezed into the smallest patch, cover it with  CLIMBER plants like Bougainvillea, Clematis viticella, or Devil’s ivy. It will instantly transform your balcony garden or patio into a chilled-out and more green space, which gives you a feel of a  beach. Adding large ferns or bamboo screens can act as a filter from prying eyes. On the other hand, having flowering creepers like Dutchman’s or honeysuckle will give a pleasing feel that is required.

4. Build Multi-Tiered, Space-Saving Planters

Spall spaces demand creative planting solutions in small areas, and a simple pot in a corner isn’t a good idea. You can do much better with some little effort and some creativity you may have in your mind.

Think about multi-tiered planters, like it will be made from two or three pots of different plants at the top of one another, or you can use racks with shelves or planting boxes that are easy to stack. You could even turn some old unused tea tins or wood boxes into space-saving planters.

5. Use Your Outdoor Spaces Wisely

If you have some small outdoor space to use as part of your garden, you can use it with a better plan. Use every inch of the small area you have and give it a fantastic look by adding different varieties of plants. Make a flower bed, grass seat, which all rolled into one to give your garden a new look. Create attractive interlocking zones with distinctive materials, like decorative stones, stained wood decking, chippings or pale patio slabs.

6. Grow Your Plants In Your Furniture

If you are willing to use your old stuff to make more space and give your garden a creative look. You may build your plants into your old furniture, it may save even more space and bring some greenery into your home. Use unfashionable indoor furniture outdoors and paint it last longer.

7. Use vertical Space

The key of doing anything in small spaces is to use vertical space as much as possible. Use wall-hanging plant holders,  upcycle old plastic bottles, and tin cans into pots or go with climbers plants for the walls. This style will be well suited for plants such as the English Ivy and Golden Pothos, whose cascading leaves make the installation look fuller. You can also repurpose an old ladder as a plant stand or use an old rack with some shelves. Climbing flowering plants like wisteria, roses,  lemongrass, decorative grapes, ivy are some excellent plants for vertical yard landscaping ideas and beautiful backyard designs.

8. Focus on furniture

Choose simple furniture with a tea table and chair and position it towards the back of a paved area. You can also go with a teak modular sofa or single bed covered with a shed.

9. Sheds above you head

You can get a garden shed in whatever size you want, it depends on the space you have. Garden sheds are available in various types, depending on your choice. You can go with a woodshed, metal sheds or acrylic ones too. Using metal sheds is a good idea because they are easy to install and also occupy a small space to be fixed. A garden shed can also help you to increase the value of your property and will give your garden a classy look and an extra space to store your gardening equipment or for other work.

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