How to Improve Clarity of Your Speech

When speaking or finding that people don’t understand a lot of what you are saying, you can take steps to improve clarity of Your speech Whether you have to give a speech, have a job that requires you to speak publicly, or simply want to improve your overall speaking patterns.

There are 10 Simple Tips that can help you Improve Clarity of Your Speech.

1. Control your breath: Listen to a singer or watch him on stage and you will see how much he pays attention to his breathing. The same goes for speaking, and proper breathing can greatly improve your speech clarity.

2. Don’t rush when speaking: Talk deliberately, but not so slow that you sound like a robot and keep in mind that people want to hear what you have to say. Your words have value, so give them a chance to hear them.

3. Know what you are going to say: Whether you are giving a public speech or just having a casual conversation with a friend, taking at least a moment before speaking to know what you are going to say will help you speak with clarity and prevent you from talking too fast.

4. Repeat words that are hard to say: When we have a hard time pronouncing certain words we often speed up and try to stumble through them resulting in muddled speech. Practice saying these words aloud over and over again until you build the muscle memory to pronounce them correctly.

5. Read aloud: If you’re reading a book or even just the news in the morning, practice reading it out loud. Doing this will help you become more familiar with how you sound when you speak. By reading something out loud in the comfort of your own home you can begin to listen to yourself and pay attention to areas where you may not speak clearly.

6. Pay attention to tone: Tone also plays into clarity and diction as it can affect how you pronounce certain words.

7. Watch your posture: Just like breathing, your posture plays a large role in your speech clarity, and it’s something that we sometimes forget to take into account.

8. Avoid speaking with clenched teeth: When you clench your teeth you’re causing a lot of strain on yourself and it can be a sign of stress. And speaking with a clenched jaw will prevent you from opening your mouth enough to enunciate and speak clearly.

9. Stay hydrated: Your vocal cords are like a machine that needs to stay well-oiled. Gargle some lukewarm water with a pinch of salt to keep them limber.

10. Avoid Uptalk: Uptalk is that nasty habit of ending your sentences with an upward inflection that makes you sound like you’re asking a question.

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Contributed by Rahul Sharma 

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