How To Avoid Dry Skin During Holi

Holi, a colourful festival is just around the corner. This cheerful festival is all about joy and colours, but this can also bring a lot of skin problems, indicates an expert.

On this Holi festival, it is important to provide your skin and hair with some protection before you head out to play Holi. From Holi colours to sun damage, you need to give your skin some Extra Care During Holi

Before you decide to indulge in a burst of colours, you need to keep a few things in mind. We got in touch with Kama Ayurveda’s in-house Ayurveda doctor, Jyotsana Makker to highlight few tips on Pre-Holi and the tedious job of colour removal.

Here’s how you can save your skin this Holi 2017


Before you head out to play Holi, apply almond oil on your face and the exposed parts of body and hair. To protect your hair further, braid your hair if possible.

Almond oil has high levels of Vitamin E; this nourishment oil forms a protective layer on your skin and hair. This can save you from the Damage of Holi colours, be it organic or chemical.

Colour Removal

For removing the colours, use a shampoo and body wash that are free of chemicals like SLES and Parabens. You can also make a DIY face and body scrub to get rid of the colours. 

For the DIY scrub, make a paste with 2 tsp of crushed almonds, 1tsp of brown sugar, half tsp of honey and lemon juice. Now, use this scrub on your face and body to wash off the stubborn colours.

And once you have removed the colour, your skin can become dry with the Holi colours and all the rubbing. To avoid this, pamper your skin with coconut oil or a good moisturiser. For your face, you can use a face mist like the vetiver water.

How To Avoid Dry Skin During Holi