7 Reasons Your Abs Are Not Changing

You are working out in the gym for six days a week and also watching your diet, yet your abs are not shaping the way they should. Why do you think is that happening? These slipups are holding back your desired results.

REASON 1: You are focusing too much on crunches

Many people get this wrong. They feel that to get washboard abs, they need to crunch, crunch and crunch. But that’s not how it works. In fact, many fitness experts feel that crunches are overrated. They are not as beneficial as they are touted to be.

REASON 2: Doing isolation moves, not compound

Heard of the transverse abdominus (TVA) muscle? If you are ignoring this muscle, it could be the reason for you to not see the desired results. TVA is a deep-seated muscle group in your abdomen, which gets activated only if you do compound moves. For the uninitiated, compound moves work on two muscle groups simultaneously just like an abdominal bicycle and dumbbell squats. Pelvic twists are also effective but caught in the rut of regular exercises, we often miss out on the goodness of exercises like pelvic twists.

REASON 3: You are ignoring your back

You cannot build flawless abdominal muscles if you are ignoring your back muscles. Ab exercises put a lot of pressure on your back muscles and if you are not engaging your back muscles, you are making yourself prone to injuries.

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REASON 4: You are not eating right

“Perfect abs are made in the kitchen!” If your diet is not supplementing your workout, the abs will not show any signs of improvement. High protein, ample fiber, lots of water, light and early dinner and low-carb diet are some of the components of a flat tummy diet. “Having detox water throughout the day is also an effective way to lose tummy fat,” recommends nutritionist Mansi Chatrath. Take these seriously and you are sure to see results.

REASON 5: Same exercise routine day after day

Celebrity fitness expert, Deepesh Bhatt explains, “When you follow the same workout routine day after day, your body eventually gets used to it and stops responding. So the trick to get faster and better results is to continue changing your workout. It could be some change in workout timing or the introduction of new moves and techniques. You basically have to shock your body to get maximum output.”

REASON 6: Never tried HIIT?

Ab-specific exercises are a great way to go about building your muscles but one cannot ignore the importance of a full-body workout. Skip the treadmill and try High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT cardio workout involves high-intensity moves that help burn calories faster, thereby helping you achieve the perfectly chiseled abs.

REASON 7: Not getting enough sleep

Sleep and your weight are interlinked. If your body is not well-rested, it doesn’t matter how hard you gruel yourself in the gym, it won’t respond the way it should. Less sleep also affects your hunger hormones and impacts the number of calories you burn in a day. Sleep well and your abs will definitely thank you!