How Can Chatbots Help E-commerce Businesses?

Nowadays for increasing sales the interaction with the customers has become so much popular. We can use chatbots in our e-commerce trade so that our trade can be successful. The customers are also delighted after using this service in which they can communicate with the chatbots. Because of all this, huge growth has been seen in the e-commerce business. It is expected that around $ 3 billion will be earned in 2021 by selling the chatbots.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the 2 technologies used in chatbots. It can help consumers in finding the right items and they can get very good assistance at all the levels of the marketing funnel. A customer-to-business conversation is possible on a large scale if we integrate chatbots in our trade.

Now I will tell you how chatbots can help in e-commerce business?

1. Welcoming the customers whenever they come

When a customer visits your website, he is welcomed by the chatbots in so many ways. This also gives you a chance to know about the customer. If a customer that already made a purchase comes again then he will be welcomed by the chatbot by calling his name and can be offered the items that he may like. This will increase your sales by making more and more people visit your business website.

There is no need for a second or third party for collecting the data. Only the first party is sufficient for doing this.

While interacting with the chatbots the customers must have given their location name also. So, user experience can be localized on this basis. It will also help in increasing the sales of your business.

According to research, it has been found that if the people are forced to use a language other than their native language then they will not try to purchase items. If they are unable to understand what they are purchasing then why will they complete that purchase? Consumers can interact with chatbots in their preferred language and so they will be very happy in buying the items.

2. Convincing the customers to purchase from your e-commerce shop

Sometimes it happens that people are adding items in their cart but suddenly they abandon their purchase. Your goal should be to reduce the frequency of abandonment of purchase by the customers.

It has been found that around ¾ of the people who are going to purchase from your e-commerce shop cancel their purchase. If you want to reduce this then chatbots can help you in doing this. Some trades use email to reach the customers that have not completed the purchase. But if we use chatbots here then it is found that the click through rate of the chatbots is 5 to 10 times more than if we make the use of email.

Bots interact with customers in a tone that they can understand very easily. Whenever the customers face any difficulty in purchasing the items, chatbots are there to assist them at every step. The consumer can use the site any time and bots are always ready to help him.

There are several schemes to attract the consumers towards your products. Like if they are buying the items for the first time then a discount of 5 % can be given to them and if they are loyal to you then a discount of 7 % can be provided to them. Basically, these discounts are given in the form of a coupon or a promo code. These coupons or promo codes are given by chatbots to the visitors visiting your website.

3. Persuade the customers to share their data

In order to enhance the shopping experience of the consumers, the chatbots can ask them to give their contact information. This is a very good way of marketing your product. If you have used the chatbots for taking the mobile number of the consumers then you can text them about the confirmation of their product’s delivery, send them mobile coupons, SMS gift cards, etc.

A few consumers are ready to give the details of their accounts on social media instead of giving their mobile number. Information about some nice offers can also be given to customers on their social media accounts. This technique gives 620% more click rate than email marketing.

4. Your brand should be humanized

People generally believe that a chatbot is just a software and it is non-living. Trades that have used these bots for good sale of their products say that these bots have personality. For defining the identity and nature of the chatbot a perfect vocabulary and tone for it must be set by you.

A great human experience can be created by doing this. Your brand can be humanized if you follow this approach and consumers can communicate with your website more easily.

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