Gluten Food Should Include In Diet When You’r Gluten Intolerant

If you are diagnosed with celiac disease or already living with one, it is a daunting task to include the food that is gluten free and healthy.

Today, we are going to share with you the food you should include in your diet when you are gluten intolerant.

Let us begin by first understanding more about celiac disease.

What exactly it is?

Signs That You Are Allergic to Gluten in Food

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease in which patient’s small intestine become extremely sensitive to gluten which leads to difficulty in digesting gluten products and the only possible solution is to avoid gluten products in your diet.

Now, what is gluten? Gluten is a type of protein found in cereals like wheat, barley, and rye.

Gluten is found in the popular food items that we normally eat such cakes or pastries, pasta, cereals, some ready to eat meals, type of breads, most types of beer which is made from wheat or barley, certain sauces, cookies, crackers, biscuits.


Dips That Are Gluten Free

That’s pretty much the most we eat? Now, you would be wondering what food to include in your diet during gluten intolerance.


Gluten free grains

Wheat forms a major part of most of our diet in India but there are serials like rice, corn, millet, flax, tapioca, and amaranth that we can include in our diet and lead just as healthy lifestyle.


Dairy Products

Most products such as butter, margarine, cheese, ice-cream, buttermilk or curds should feature prominently in your list of the food you should include in your diet when you are gluten intolerant but in case of processed food, check the label thoroughly for the additives that may contain gluten.



While you will have to say bye-bye to those processed ketchups and chutneys but you can still enjoy homemade salsa, chutney, mustard sauce if they are free of gluten and there is no restriction on seasoning and herbs but check the contents of the products before buying.


Raise a toast!

For those fans of beer, there is a bad news and as most of the beer is made up of wheat or barley malt, you will have to avoid it but that does not mean you have to avoid alcohol all together and you can still raise a toast to your favorite wine and liquor.

Most wine and liquor are gluten free making it safe for those with gluten allergy and so you can still raise a toast on your favorite occasion.


Rice & Potatoes

Those with gluten allergy can rejoice as rice and potatoes which makes base of the some of the yummiest dish is gluten free and top them with your homemade sauce eat them with your meal or enjoy it as it is and there is no limit to how you can experiment with it.