Where to Sell a Used, Accidental or Damaged Car in UAE with Less Hassle?

It’s indeed true that there is an extensive amount of Vehicle Selling Websites offering customers free doorstep car inspections as well as so many other hassle-free services that help clients get their payment against their cars safely and securely in a couple of minutes. Still, chances are you will face much trouble when trying to sell your car privately or trading in.

Well, it becomes quite easier if you hire a well-reputable company to handle the sales process for you. But be mindful that might lead you to cost a few bucks more. Instead of hiring any company to manage or getting involved with any website, selling it privately can help you get most of the money with less hassle. However, you should be extra careful and need some guidance in order to do so. We are here to help you learn where to sell your car in UAE quickly and safely.

Sell Your Damaged or Used Car to a Dealer

When it comes to selling a car no matter it’s damaged, used or accidental, the dealership is often the first and foremost option every seller should think about. After all, they have been in the car selling the business for years. Well, there is a problem with selling a car to the dealer and that is, dealers are exactly in the business of selling cars – without investing a plethora of money into them.

With only some scratches, if your car looks almost new and is in good working condition, chances are dealer will give you a great offer – perhaps more than you expect. However, if your car is full of damages from exterior or mechanical parts, a dealer will likely pass. And he won’t make any offer as he will have no use for it.

Sell Your Damaged or Used Car Privately

Perhaps getting your car to be sold to an individual buyer is a convenient way but it’s full of risk and scam, of course. Normally, the individual buyer doesn’t like buying a used car that has lots of damages. First, you should bring a mechanic for your car inspection to make sure your car is free from any issue.

Once your car is inspected, create an ad which makes your car sound like a good investment. Some buyers would show interest, but they will likely go to try and bargain way below your asking rate. The buyers will take into account the need to repairs once they get ownership of any damaged or accidental car.

Sell Your Car to Auto Parts Buyers

There are so many ways to where you can sell you’re damaged, accidental or used car – in short countless. In UAE, there is a vast range of car owners and well-reputed companies that need certain car parts. If the damage of your car is cosmetic, you may be able to salvage a few mechanical parts and sell them for cash separately. The trickiest part is to find a car enthusiast or auto parts buyer. And once you have found that person, he or she will want to test the part to make sure that it works fine. If the part works fine, they will finally make you an offer, obviously. Doing that same process for several parts of your used car is indeed time-consuming.

Moreover, serious accidents most of the times do more harm to the mechanical parts as compared to you feel. In those cases, all of your used car’s parts are fully useless to buyers.

Sell Your Car to a Junk Car Buyer

The next option to sell your damaged or used car is to a junk car buyer near you. The Internet is full of car buying websites – providing super-fast. Reliable and efficient services at your doorstep and gives you cash in your hand in a matter of minutes. Be mindful, junk car buyers are not really interested in how “gorgeous” your car looks or how well it runs. You will undoubtedly get a good offer – however, it’s based on the actual weight of your car.

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Sell Accidental or Damaged Car in UAE