The Very Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2019

There are so many brilliant ways to spice up the home and 2019 has some of the coolest tech gadgets that one could imagine. Whatever your home is like, it could always benefit from some of these tools to make life a bit easier, AND a bit more fun! But with all the hundreds of products out there, which are the best and what should one go for?

Here in this guide, we’ve looked at the latest gadgets in the market and have come up with the definitive guide for 2019. Ready? Let’s get going!

Smart Thermostats

If one is to look at the smart thermostat market, they’ll see it’s booming more than ever. One can use these to regulate the temperature around the home with ease, seamlessly integrating with a whole load of other components, from boilers to heater tankers. Home automation products are all the rage these days.

These wonderful gadgets are highly intelligent, for instance, they can learn about the activities of a family living at home and regulate the heating schedule, saving lots of money. Products such as the Nest Learning Thermostat are our favorite pick and being Nest devices, they can integrate with other Nest devices on the range such as security cameras.

Smart Home Systems

Every smart home system is like something out of the future. You can dictate hundreds of different voice commands at ease and get the smart home device to control the many appliances and products it’s integrated with, whether it be the water speaker in the bath or the kettle in the kitchen. The best smart home system so far in 2019 is undoubtedly the Amazon Echo. One could actually make the case the Amazon have completely paved the path for smart home systems with Echo – one only needs to talk to the speaker and it will talk back to you, responding to hundreds of different commands.

Other than the echo, there are some other great brands out there such as the Dot and Show, but we found the Echo to be a more all-encompassing and better put together system. It’s a lot easier to use and master. A great gadget for any 2019 home.

Smart Lighting

One of the latest tech gadgets that really hits the mark is smart lighting. This kind of lighting is nothing like you know it to be and Phillips has come up with an incredible product by the name of Philips Hue. We certainly think that their bulbs will stand the test of time and they just keep getting better and better! Recent products have increased the number of features and improved functionality.

One can integrate smart lighting such as Philips Hue with other voice-assisted control devices such as the Echo in order to tweak any aspect of lighting. If one doesn’t have a hub device like this, they could also purchase Lifx smart bulbs. We loved the way that these interacted through wifi in a direct manner. No need for hubs and other devices.

Sleep Tech Devices

If you’re the one who has problems sleeping or is simply interested in their sleep, there are devices for the home that see how much quality sleep you’re getting. Products such as Withings Sleep are gadgets that we can highly recommend. One can slip it between their bedsheets in a discreet manner.

Once it’s there it does the work to monitor how much sleep one gets and how much good it does them. Afterward one can view a breakdown of their bedtimes, time they got up and much more. This smart device can also be used as a trigger, for instance, to turn light on when they wake up.

Smart Home Gadgets Wrap Up

We hope that this guide has given you a lot to consider. Remember, there is always room for improvement. Consider some cool gadgets for the home if you’ve got the cash. Whatever happens, boredom will not be on the cards.

Reading this and thinking of gadgets that should be on the list? Please let us know. Leave a comment below.

Best Smart Home Gadgets 2019