One of the common illnesses people experience at a certain adult age is Arthritis. It surely is a very familiar word as it is also one of the worst. It only sounds “usual” but did you know that there are more than 100 types of arthritis? That’s a lot!

Arthritis can affect one or more joints in the body. The body has a cartilage tissue that connects and covers the ends of bones at the joints. When the normal amount of cartilage tissue decreases, an inflammation in the joints occurs. That’s when arthritis comes to the picture. Symptoms can eventually or immediately surface.

There are many foods to avoid to avoid arthritis or to stop eating when you already have it. Here are 6 of them:


Omega-6 fatty acids are fats that result to production of inflammation-causing chemicals. They can be found in certain oils included in cooking. They make foods even tastier and delicious, but too much isn’t so good at all.

Oils that contain Omega-6 fatty acids include corn oil, soy oil, and sunflower oil. In contrast, oils rich Omega-3 are anti-inflammation. They include canola oil and olive oil.


There is protein present in dairy products that make them result to pain in the joints. It’s because the tissue surrounding the joints get irritated. These inflammatory dairy products include mayonnaise, cheese, margarine, and many others. It’s not bad to eat them, but be responsible when doing so.

There are other sources of proteins and fats which you can turn to. An example is unsweetened almond milk.


Foods rich in sugar can make joint flare-ups worse. If that happens, your joints get worn and weak. Sugars wake up the production of cytokines, which are inflammatory signallers and messengers when the body is invaded by food with toxins that harm particular essential proteins present in the body.

Lessen your intake of candies, cookies and other sweets and even sodas. They boost your sugar levels, leading to inflammation. Natural honey might calm your sweet taste buds down.


Fried foods are high in calories and fats. Arthritic people must avoid them because when there’s too much intake, your fat can go up as well. In that case, joints will be pressured. A highly possible result is a torn joint.

You might also get trans fat from oil added with hydrogen. It’s important that you read the nutrition facts of packed food you buy to see the amount of trans fat present in it. It must be 0 grams; some really include it to preserve their product. Trans fat is used to extend the life of foods, but it causes inflammation in the body.


Foods high in saturated fat is not for arthritic people because they generate cholesterol increases and provoke inflammation. Specifically, you must not eat too much red meat; aside from the previously mentioned disadvantages, doing so is also a factor of obesity.


Those instant meals and preserved food contain trans fat. They might be easy-and-ready-to-eat; it might be effortless to cook and prepare them, but they’re filled with inflammation-causing components such as saturated fats and sugar.


There are many kinds of arthritis, and there are many causes too. The thing is if you don’t control yourself and be responsible for your health and lifestyle, you’ll be more prone to getting arthritis. This illness might sound simple, but those who experience it wish they don’t. It includes stiffness, pain, and swelling and disables you to function normally.

With that, be more careful with what you eat and drink. It’s sad not being able to eat these foods if you love them, but you should love yourself more.

How to Prevent Arthritis

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