7 Reasons Why We Keep Going Back to Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj lies just a night’s drive from Delhi and this is the perfect getaway from most of the places in the northern region. Anyone, who has stayed in and around Delhi or one of its neighbouring states, knows the fascination this place has as a weekend getaway.

Yet, we keep going back to its folds. If you have ever wondered why Mcleodganj keeps inviting us time and again, this is what you need to read. With this and a trip to it, we are sure that you will join our ranks and fall for this mountain land.

1. A thriving community

If there is one place in the northern India that boasts of an expat community, it is Mcleodganj; after Delhi, of course.It is a buzzing hub for artists from all over the world, attracting some amazing musicians, painters, writers, photographers, and yogis to its Himalayan folds. With some right company, you can have enlightening conversations for most of your evenings here.

2. Cuisine goals

With a community that is such a brilliant mix, the cuisine on offer in Mcleodganj is a revelation. A literal melting pot, this rather small town has its lanes lined with cuisine from Korea, Japan, Bhutan, Israel, Italy, Mediterranean and, of course, from all over India. A foodie’s delight, Mcleodganj also boasts of some great bakeries and cafes, which have the quintessential old-school touch to them.

3. Unforgettable experiences

A regular traveller to Mcleodganj might just be content with a customary tour of its main attractions, such as the Dalai Lama Temple and Bhagsu Waterfall. But, the ones, who are frequent travellers to this place are very well-aware of its hidden charms and experiences that include thangka classes, Tibetan cookery sessions, jewellery designing, flute classes,and a walk around Kora, a secret that I would rather not reveal in writing. You will have to search for it to experience it. And then, there is the Dharamsala International Film Festival (DIFF) as well.

4. Back to nature

There is no denying the fact that Mcleodganj is abundantly blessed by nature and stays strong even with the ever-growing encroachment and much human interference. There are many trails to take you deep inside the pine forests, the trek to Triund, Pong Dam and more. Plus, sunsets in Mcleodganj are so stunning that they can put any beach sunset to shame.

5. Wonderful neighbourhood

While an essential trip to Bir and Billing is always on the cards, we are in much love with the other neighbourhoods of Mcleodganj. This will include the rock-cut temples of Masroor, Palampur’s tea estates, Kangra’s massive fort, and Barot’s solitary walks. The trek to Kareri Lake is another delight that has made us such frequent visitors to this Dhauladhar town.

6. Wellness, food for mind

Mcleodganj has some of the best yoga teachers in India; plus, highly reputed meditation schools that attract yogis and students from around the world. Meditation and yoga classes are a regular thing in the town, with only the Himalayan winters putting it on pause around December. The perfect setting of this place, cut away from much of the worldly noise, makes it all the more apt. No wonder we keep going to this place, again and again.

7. Experience volunteering

Like much of the Himalayas, volunteering is quite a norm in Mcleodganj; plus, you will not be needing to survive the rather harsh terrains of the upper Himalayas. Here, you can choose from volunteering with the Tibetan community, at one of the backpackers’ hostels, in one of the cleanliness drives, at the community kitchen, or at the monasteries. Some of the yoga schools are also keen to take in volunteers for administrative work.

Going Back Mcleodganj