We see that there is great competition now in every field of life. To reach the prospective buyers there is a need for some type of approach. But contact with every individual is impossible. This has made advertisements very much important.

Businessmen and manufacturers are the most beneficiaries of advertisements. The advertisement makes people able to know which articles being manufactured are on sale in the market.

If there is no advertisement, people will not be able to know about various excellent products in the market. This is the reason for the huge investment in advertisement.

There are various ways of advertisement, but the cheapest and the most popular newspaper publicity. T.V., radio, cinema slides, hoardings, posters, etc. are other different sources of advertisement. Small documentary films are also prepared by some manufacturers for their products as a means of advertisement.

But the newspaper plays an important role in non-product advertisement. If a firm wants to fill any vacancy in its establishment it will go for an advertisement in a newspaper to fill that wants vacancy. Like these matrimonial columns and sales columns in the newspaper are serving as good sources of advertisement.

Even government tenders and legal notices are advertised in the newspaper. Besides this cinema advertisements are also a part of a good newspaper. Now a day’s advertisement is an art. The consumers are attracted more to the advertisement which is more attractive.

There is a good scope in the advertisement business nowadays. Huge profits are earned by newspaper, radio, and TV channels through advertisements.

Sometimes advertisements deceive people. The low-quality products are presented as very high-quality products. The general public is not in a position to judge the quality according to price. Poster pasting is a big menace; they misfeature the walls of beautiful buildings.