How To Use WhatsApp Group Calling Feature

WhatsApp Group Calling Feature has been in beta mode for a while. The company has finally started rolling out the update to the original version of the app on both Android and iOS devices (iPhones/iPads). With this feature, users can make calls to multiple people simultaneously.

If you are wondering on how to make group audio and video calls on WhatsApp, here’s a ready-to-use guide:

• Download and install the latest update of WhatsApp from your respective app store (Google Play store or App Store).
• Working internet connection

Steps to follow:
To make group video call using WhatsApp, first, you need to place a one-on-one call and then add the participants.

To make a voice group call:

1. Open WhatsApp from your launcher or home screen
2. Now select the participant you want to make the call
3. Tap on the voice call button from the top-right corner
4. Once the call is connected, tap the add participant button on the top right corner
5. Choose the second participant you want to add to the call and tap on Add button
6. Now, if you want to add more participants to the call, repeat the step 4 and step 5

To Make Group Video Call:

1. From the launcher or home screen, open WhatsApp

2. Head to the Calls tab and hit the Dialer button from the bottom right corner
3. Here, you need to select your first participant and tap on the Video button to start a one-on-one video call
4. Now, tap on the Add participant option and select the second participant you’d like to add to the call and tap the Add button
5. Follow step 4 to add more participants to the call
Note: You can add a maximum of four participants in a group call.


Use WhatsApp Group Calling Feature