Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets You Must-Have in 2020

We are living in times when we learn about a new gadget or appliance that is advertised as something that can improve our lives. Whether you are surfing the web, reading the news, watching TV, or simply walking around, you will likely notice some product you haven’t heard about before.  Furthermore,  these things are so attractive that you immediately think that it is exactly what your home misses to be perfect.

Indeed, many of these, and especially kitchen gadgets, are designed to help us in the kitchen significantly! But do you need all of them?! Most often, the answer is no! If you don’t have a lot of experience choosing the equipment you need can be puzzling!

We understand that you feel frustrated, so we compiled a list of kitchen gadgets and equipment that should find a place in every kitchen. In case you are curious to know more about this topic you can find additional information on the best kitchen gadgets on

Why Do You Need Kitchen Gadgets

People buy kitchen gadgets and tools for various reasons. Most commonly, we are attracted by their design. Secondly, we enjoy that our kitchen looks much more flashy and modern when installing all this equipment. But, most importantly most of these kitchen gadgets are there to make our lives easier.

  • They are super-efficient
  • We save a lot of time by using kitchen gadgets
  • They are convenient and safe to work with

Best Kitchen Gadgets in 2020

The interesting thing is that if you ask, most people would tell you that kitchen gadgets must-haves 2020 refers to important pieces of equipment like fridges, stoves, food processors, etc.  Of course, these are the essentials, and without them, the kitchen cannot be functional.

However, here we are not talking about that! We are talking about little things that many of us don’t think about, but they often turn out to be game-changers. Let’s check out these kitchen gadgets and their uses!

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Jar & Can Opener

You came home from the supermarket with the desire to try new peanut butter you bought! However, when you tried to open the jar, you realized that the lid won’t budge! Infuriating, isn’t it? We have good news for you! With a new 2 in 1 jar & can opener, these situations will be a thing of the past.  This is one of the useful kitchen gadgets and tools that will be very appreciated by all of the members of your household.

3 in 1 Avocado Slicer

Avocados are among favorite fruits around the world. Of course, we all love guacamole, but they are also enjoyable in any type of salads, on the toast, etc.  Peeling and cutting one or two avocados isn’t a big deal, but it can become annoying if you need more.

Instead of complaining about how much time it takes you to make guacamole for the party, often buy this amazing little avocado slicer. It is a wonderfully affordable plastic gadget that not only enables you to slice avocados in perfectly equally pieces but also take the pit with just one twist. You can also use the slicer to scoop the insides at once.

Toaster Oven

This is also one of the very versatile kitchen gadgets to make life easier. Most people find them convenient for making breakfast quickly at home, but the truth is that they offer much more. You can use them to make pizza, roast vegetables,  warm frozen foods, etc.  Some also have air frying option so you can enjoy deep-fried foods without worrying about gaining weight.

Crepes & Tortilla Maker

Who wouldn’t love to enjoy the wonderful tastes of France in the comfort of their home? Or maybe you prefer Mexico? This is a type of kitchen gadget that will allow you to enjoy delicious crepes or tacos and burritos without any effort.

Scrubber Gloves

You maybe enjoy cooking, but washing dishes is another story, isn’t it? Well, we understand how you feel! However, there is a cheap and straightforward solution that will enable you to wash quicker and, more importantly, without making your hands wet.

This scrubber gloves fall under the category of kitchen gadgets under $5. Besides being super affordable, they are a time saver because they allow you to scrub off all the stuck food without switching between different sponges.

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Buying kitchen gadgets is a serious task, and it is important to get well informed about products to avoid throwing the hard-earned money on things that you won’t use! In case you found this article useful, we would like to invite you to revisit us and learn how to organize kitchen gadgets! Keep in mind that your feedback always makes us happy! Are you using some devices that we forgot to mention? What are your experiences?

Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets