How To Manage Curly Hair In The Rainy Season

Besides being a time for long drives and hot coffee, monsoon is also that time of the year when hair troubles bother you. Managing the tresses becomes more cumbersome for those who have curly hair. Here’s how you can make sure that your hair is frizz-free and smooth despite the rain.

Oil Routine For Curly Hair

Apply oil on your hair once or twice a week during the monsoon. Mix neem oil with hydrating oils like almond or coconut to prevent dehydration-induced frizz, breakage and split ends. Since neem oil is cooling, it clears out accumulated sweat and oil, which can cause dandruff and itching.

Keep Your Hair Clean

In case your hair gets wet in the rain, wash them. You can use a scalp specific shampoo and masque to ensure a healthy scalp. In order to prevent hair fall, your scalp should be clean and dry.

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Right Shampoo

Since curly hair is more prone to frizz, make sure you use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. There are a lot of natural shampoos available out there. Opt for those so that the chemicals don’t make your hair dry. Using sulfate-free shampoos is important for hair that is already damaged.

Say no to Dryers/Irons

Make sure you use styling tools, such as dryers and hair irons in moderation to prevent static electricity and damage by excessive heat.

Manage Curly Hair In The Rainy Season